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15.2 23/12/06

Moved Snow Hill loop towards Wolverhampton enabling improved positioning of Birmingham, New Street, International, Trent Valley, Coventry and Moor Street captions. Made ‘under construction’ dotted line width the same as ‘limited service’. Made lilac ovals the same shape (based on London Circle Line shape) over a range of sizes in 1.5mm (width) increments (Barry being the smallest). This has worked evrywhere except where their is a large North-South distance between grouped stations, Bristol being the most difficult as Bristol Parkway is well outside of the Bristol conurbation yet has the same name. If only they’d called it Avon Parkway! Moved Three Bridges - Bognor to left such that Worthing and Coastway Line West captions improved. Moved Paisley Canal line up slightly to enable smaller size of oval to be used. Added Airport to Southampton Parkway. Decided to leave Harwich without Town as there is also a Harwich International. Added Central to Rotherham.

15.1 18/12/06

Made Willesden Junction caption beter by ranging right and moving Aylesbury line over. Made Stratford two stations as the new International station on HS1 is some distance from Stratford ‘Regional’ (connected by DLR). This meant remodellinaround Stratford and Lea Valley lines and whole of Essex/kent sections of HS1 moving to right (imroving clarity of Liverpool Street but meaning whole of Kent coast to be remodelled. Tried to shorten Romford-Upminster but couldn’t. Spelt out West in West Hampstead. Moved South Wales main line to left to allow more room for Ebbw Vale branch and to prevent Bridgend caption falling over Vale of Glamorgan line. This also allowed improvemnts to captions in Cardiff and in the Valleys. Added Cardiff International Airport caption. Spelt out Street in Liverpool Lime Street. Added Valley Lines caption. Made proposed/under construction lines in London white. Added West and East to Coastway route. Made coast slightly darker, moved Cambrian Coast line towards coast

Improved Southampton captions. Moved Birmingham caption to left.

7.9P A4 17/12/2006

Put white keylines around station names, made airports/ferries red, modified HS1 caption.

15.0 14/12/2006

Added Cannon Street to London. I always thought this would be impossible, but managed it (after a trip from London Bridge when I discovered it was more than a peak commuter service station. More important than Moorgate?). Moved Ebbw Vale line so that it doesn’t look like it goes to Newport - initial services will be to Cardiff due to the limited infrastructure at Gaur Junction. CTRL renamed High Speed 1. Added Farringdon back in. Added lilac oval to Bedford. Stopped lilac ovals running over edge of coast, modified captions and lines within Bristol to improve clarity including moving Severn Tunnel caption onto line. Made all ferries and airports red. Moved Exeter captions so Exeter above the two station names. As a result of the virtual abandonment of the Oxford-Cambridge reopening proposals, the alignment on the map was abandoned in favour in better presentimng the Milton Keynes caption (no longer the Marston Vale underneath) and respacing Midland mainline stations Luton to Leicester. Took Farringdon back out again as it’s also on the circle line and I’d shown it as only being a junction between Thameslink and Crossrail. Moved Craven Arns and Middlesbrough captions to better alignments. Modified Larkhall branch so that it is tangential off the Hamilton loop, also giving more space around Whifflet caption and improving Newton. Got into trouble again over the ‘reversing station rule’ which I’d applied to a station with three entry routes, Inverness; this rule can only work on straight line reversals (Cromer, Swansea etc) as otherwise Norwich wouyld have to be included, then what about Manchester Picadilly as most platforms apart from the MS&AJR platforms are terminal - therefore Castleford and Inverness revert to nodes. Increased cyan on blue by 5% and Mag on lilac ovals by 5% to see if better when laminated (seems to lighten colours on printed copies).

V13.5reop 3/12/06

Added Saxmunham - Leiston as Suffolk County Council supports a feasability study into reopening the line when Sizewell nuclear power station is decommisioned, possibly 2012. Extending to Aldeburgh has not been ruled out (Rail 553 Nov 2006). Moved Ebbw Vale line so that it doesn’t look like it goes to Newport - initial services will be to Cardiff. Added Pontyclun-Beddau reopening proposal by Sewta (South East Wales Transport Alliance) (Modern Railways Dec 2006).

14.9 24/11/2006

Added Maritime and Atlantic Coast Line marketing name captions to main map. Added Glasgow Crossrail proposal to Reopening map (Glasgow City Union line). Added Ais Gill summit. Added grey box to denote area where ‘not all lines shown’, amended key, moved Dartford and Oxted stations and captions to improve positions in relation to this box. Added ‘Colours may fade’ and new Project Mapping logo. Made Warrington, Wigan, Falkirk, Paisley, Wrexham, Gainsborough, Newark and Yeovil bold so that it was clearer that these are the area names. Added light grey ‘under construction’ station to key, this applies particularly to Edinburgh Airport but previously also applied to Liverpool South Parkway. Made Shrewesbury - Chester regional. Made main line through Brockenhurst a curve, moved line west of here and Heart of Wessex line to left and added Frome, angled Lymington branch differently.

Merseyrail 3.1 26/9/2006

Added bus link between the two Burscough stations (Rail magazine548).

14.9 9/9/2006

Major revamp to include Edinburgh Airport and the new Grand Central service from Kings Cross to Sunderland starting in December 2006. The first required large changes to the central Scotland area but enabled Queen Street, Glasgow and Central captions to be centred within the city oval. The second required the Northallerton-Sunderland route to be changed from ‘regional’ and ‘local’ route widths to ‘principal’. In both cases the coast line had to be altered. Removed white key line from yellow circle lines as meaningless. Made Inverness and Fort William reversing stations. Decided not to use the ‘International’ suffix for all stations on the CTRL as too long to present and tedious, although a different case ror Birmingham International which refers to an airport.

14.8 23/6/2006

Made Liverpool South Parkway open. Made Stratford (London) a multiple station as the new International station is separate to the current Stratford and will be connected by the Docklands Light Railway. The existing Stratford station may be called Stratford Regional. Added ’& Wesham’ to Kirkham.

14.7 6/6/2006

Added Avocet Line caption (from wessex trains timetable). Removed Alloa-Dunfermline reopening as will be goods only. Added ‘Airport’ to Stanstead and Gatwick station titles.

REOP 13.5 12/2/2006

Added reopening proposal of Kings Norton - Camp Hill into New Street (also a possible spur into Moor Street) Rail Magazine 532 Feb 2006.

7.8 A3 and 7.8P A6 20/12/2005

Modified network outline versions to remove italics and increase legibilty of diary size map; generally updated (first time in two years) to match main map.

14.7 21/2/2006

Added ‘Port’ to Heysham, made Morecambe a reversing station. Added ‘Poacher Line’; Made Northampton-Rugby regional again as new service of Desiros; added ‘Ribble Valley Line’ caption;

changed Brough to Gilberdyke; aded ‘Selby Line’ caption; made ECML - Hull via Selby a principle route because of the increasing service and quality provided by Hull trains to London; changed Larkhall - Motherwell from under construction to open; added Whaley Bridge; added Harbour to Fishguard; angled new Ebbw Vale line out from Newport instead of vertical; removed Stanstead-Stratford reopening statement in key.

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