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TOC map Dec 2008 6/1/09 21.5c

Added: Single daily servces not shown (except Scotrail Sleeper)

RailNetMap 8.7D (diary) 3/11/08

Removed National Rail logo as requested by ATOC.

TOC map Dec 2010 1/10/08 23.1

Removed SWT west of Exeter.

Rail map v16.2 (dark vrsion) 28/10/08

Added EMT Oakham extension to Corby reopening.

Rail map 16.0b (blue version) 28/10/08

Added Corby / Oakham reopening proposal. Copied some other changes from 16.2: removal of Edinburgh oval, Newcastle to caps, Airdre - Bathgate reopening.

Rail map REOP5 15.8 28/10/98

Added Corby - Oakham (new EMT service extended from Corby reopening.

South Wales + valley lines v1.9 cymru 16/9/08 and v1.8b 21/10/08

Created welsh language version with translations supplied by Geraint Rowlands. Modified english version to single Abercynon junction station and coastline.

TOC map Dec 2008 30/9/08 21.5c

Corrected spelling to Arriva Trains Wales and London Midland (thanks to Jason Durk at ATOC). Modified Uckfield branch with curve to more accurately place.

TOC map Dec 2008 30/9/08 21.5b

Updated to remove new Glasgow-Liverpool and Doncaster-Bradford open access operator services not yet started.

Welsh map v1.3 15/9/08

Updated with new translations supplied by Geraint Rowlands.

Rail map v16.1 (dark vrsion) 29/8/08 and 16.2 15/9/08

Changed colours to more impactful dark colours, altered 'Lines not yet open'. Bent Birmingham- Peterborough line at Leicester creating new angle but providing nice bend, ditto Westbury - Southampton. Changed Thameslink from KX to St Pancras. Added Airdrie - Bathgate rebuilding. Altered angle of Bath-Trowbridge. Capitalised Newcastle. Removed pink shape from Edinburgh as this was left over from when the airport station was proposed. Moved Sheringham to the right.

ACoRP map v14.4d 27/8/08

Added New Forest CRP.

Reopening 5 15.8 27/8/08

Added Thornton Junction - Leven and Leuchars Junction - St Andrews reopening proposals by South East of Scotland Transport Partnership; Walsall - Water Orton and Bordesley chords; Glasgow Crossrail.

Welsh map v1.2 20/6/08

Updated with new translations and ideas supplied by Phil Wilks. Plus (8/08) Birkenhead to Penbedw.

Rail map v16.0 6/6/08

Updated to include Alloa reopening (even though on December 2008 version).

South Wales + valley lines v1.6 25/5/08

Created new map. Updated to 1.7 28/5/08.

TOC maps Dec 2008, Dec 2009, Dec 2010 15/5/08

Replaced Walsall - Rugeley; caption phrase changed to 'Single daily Virgin, Cross Country and Scotrail services not shown'.

National Express East Anglia V2.0 19/4/08

Created two new maps using 45 and 22.5. Updated to 2.7b on 28/5/08.

National Express East Coast V1.5 19/4/08

Created new map.

Welsh network map v1.1 22/4/08

Found further translations on Wikipedia.

TOC map 23.1 Dec 2010 5/3/08

Created new franchise map for 2010 by opening Airdre-Bathgate and East London line and adding NXEC Lincoln service.

TOC map 22.2 Dec 2009 3/3/08

Added new Grand Union Euston to Bradford via west coast main line service (stopping only at Stockport, Guide Bridge, Huddersfield and Halifax). Removed Scotrail sleeper service as only one train a day. Added phrase 'Single daily services not shown'.

TOC map SouthEastern (15.9) 1.8 3/3/08

Added all minor stations, using for me, for the first time, angled captions. Removed Eurostar and channel tunnel.

TOC map SouthEastern (15.9) 1.7 2/3/08

With modified heading, red colours, and with all north kent coast stations.

Created new SouthEastern 'main routes 2009' map having seen SouthEasterns FWT effort in Modern Railways.

TOC map 22.1 Dec 2009 12/2/08

Added SouthEasterns new Javelin route (St Pancras to Ebbsfleet and Ashford) and published for first time.

GMPTE 6/2/08 v27

Changed Central trains caption to East Midlands trains. Changed background colour to lighter shade. Straightened Deansgate - Bolton line by removing curves at Windsor Bridge.

Reopening4 15.6 1/2/08

Added Salford curve (new link between Manchester Victoria and Deansgate) and Larkhall - Stonehouse reopening proposal. Added East Midlands Parkway.

TOC maps Dec 2007 onwards 31/1/08

Removed ‘Single daily Virgin West Coast service Manchester - Glasgow not shown’ and noted for own purpose that single daily Arriva Cross Country service Reading - Guildford and single daily Arriva XC train stopping at Gloucester not shown. Altered Gloucester station shape size to disinclude AXC trains from/to Bristol. Added East Midlands Parkway to Dec 2008.

TOC maps 17/1/08

Removed Central/London Midland Leamington - Stratford service. Corrected ATW to Cheltenham on all maps.

TOC map 21.3 17/1/08

Added Bromsgrove to XC, soften curve into Marylebone and Victoria, added Congleton to Virgin, added Severn Tunnel Junction.

TOC maps 15/1/08

Changed 'One' to NX East Anglia on both 2008 maps. Added Grand Central route to Bradford Interchange via Pontifract, Wakefield Kirkgate and Halifax - very difficult took all afternoon - required many changes to Northern routes.

ACoRP map v14.6 9/1/08

Updated with additional CRPs supplied by Neil Buxton at ACoRP;

1. Three Rivers CRP: Salisbury - Romsey - Eastleigh - Southampton - Romsey circle

2. Arun Valley CRP: Chichester - Three Bridges

3. East Sussex CRP: now includes Oxted - East Grinstead

4. Medway Valley CRP: Strood - Paddock Wood

5. Severnside CRP: all local lines around Bristol, including the Severn Beach Line

6. South West Wales CRP: all lines west of Swansea

7. Marston Vale CRP: Bedford - Bletchley

8. No 15 (Grantham - Skegness) now extends to Nottingham

9. South Pennines CRP: Huddersfield - Stalybridge & Huddersfield - Halifax - Hebden Bridge - Todmorden

10. No 26 'Ribble Valley Rail' is now the Clitheroe CRP extending from Clitheroe to Manchester Victoria

11. East Lancs CRP: Colne - Preston

12. South Fylde CRP: Preston - Blackpool South

13. Cumbria Coast CRP: Barrow - Whitehaven - Carlisle

14. Lakes Line CRP: Oxenholme - Windermere

15. Stranraer - Ayr CRP added

16. Crewe - Manchester vis Styal CRP added

Other improvements to colour, additional line marketing names etc

New Railteam map v10 8/1/08

Completion of design working through ten versions.

All TOC maps Dec 2007 onwards 5/1/08

Changed TOC name NEG East Coast to NX East Coast (on 19.3, 20.3, 21.2, 22b). Text added to key ‘Single daily Virgin West Coast service Manchester - Glasgow not shown’ on 19.3, 20.3. Added Cross Country to Worcester (19.3, 20.3). Redhill-Tonbridge from South Eastern to Southern (all 20.3 onwards). Alloa branch reopening shown from 20.3 onwards. Walsall-Stafford removed 20.3 onwards.

21.2: Added Cross Country Nottingham - Cardiff; Virgin WC withdrawn from Llandudno; EMT to serve reopened Corby; Alloa reopening in May; Walsall-Stafford service withdrawn; Cross Country withdraws from Worcester; London Midland start Trent Valley service via Stoke.

TOC map 21.4 Dec 2008 1/4/08

Added Glasgow Trains new Glasgow - Liverpool service; added extended Arriva Trains Wales services to Birmingham New Street to Birmingham International.

London Overground network map v2.5 26/3/08

Quite a bit of development work to this map, inclusion of south London line.

Reopening 5 15.6 21/3/08

Added Dornoch cut-off (advised by Nigel Wright - thank you Nigel) and Lichfield-Wichnor Junction reopening proposal (seen in Rail Magazine 587 March 2008).

London Overground network map v1.0 16/3/08

Created new map.

Welsh network map v1.0 (15.9) 10/3/08

Created new map.

Manchester 27.1 7/3/08

Corrected Whaley Bridge line final destination station to Buxton (was Sheffield).

Reopening 4 15.6 5/3/08

Added Burscough curves and Southend Airport new station.

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