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New schematic maps of the


About Project and maps


23 May 2022

Added BR map 1965 Mike Ashworth, 1939 British Isle rail map, DART Steve Lovelace, East Coast map Mike Ashworth, IoW Steam Railway map, Southern Electric map IoW Steam Railway, standard_tube_map May 2022 Twitter launch, standard-tube-map May 2022 website launch, London TfL lines (NY style) Sean Sitota u/thedogpill, london-nur-tube-04-2019-1 Harald Krähe, london-rail-and-tube-services-map May 2022, london-tube-and-rail-04-2019-3 Harald Krähe

16 May 2022

Added London May 2022 Louis Lee, London Tube 22 No Zones Liz Line Open J Farrow, Crossrail 1992 from This is... London Transport' book

15 May 2022

Replaced Blue route AS+Metro map v23 with v24; added Rail map v36d curvy blue, TOCs AS v51 May 2022, TOCs v56c May 2022. Replaced Blue route AS map v22 with 23.

11 April 2022

Added CNER north east Scotland map, Greater Manchester MoTGM Dec 1985, Le Paz - El Alto Chris Smere, NYS F map photo P Lloiyd, Toshkent Metropoliteni Rafael Charpentier

24 March 2022

Updated South Wales Valleys to v5. Updated High Speed map to v11 with Crewe niorth connection and bendy NPR to Marsden. Replaced previous with TOCs AS v51 to NRE maps page.

8 March 2022

Added Jug video comment, LNER curvy map Joe Grey, Centroute London, London Gay City map

2 March 2022

Added Berlin U-bahn BVG 1969, 2022_Bahnen_in_Koeln_2500px, 2880px-Ise_Meisho_Zue_painted_by_Hatsusaburō_Yoshida 1919, barcelona-isometric-frank-rodriguez_2500px, BR Southern carriage map 1963 ebay, Glasgow history schematic Andy Arthur, LNER disruption map 2/2022, Ireland rail map 1963 ebay, Lumo-route-map, Nottingham tram map Tony Paoli, Picadilly Line extns map 1932, SWR pocket24.

11 February 2022

Added GE carriage map 1929 Paul Cooper, Kent Map 1950 SMALL v2 Paul Cooper, Kings Cross Outer Suburban 1957 SMALL Paul Cooper.png, LMS Tilbury 1935 Small Paul Cooper, Marylebone suburban carriage map 1953 Paul Cooper.jpg, NSE Kent Coast 1988 SMALL Paul Cooper, NSE Kent Link 1988 Small Paul Cooper, Thameslink Diamond 1990 SMALL Paul Cooper, Watford DC Lines 1975 Small Paul Cooper, Hong Kong 1989? Mike Ashwoirth Collection, ThamesValley_coach services map 1950 David Rumsey, ThamesValley_Fish coach services map 1950 David Rumsey

10 February 2022

Added 1969 map of sleeper train services StephanHunter Reddit, GB NR Group save map, CIE Ireland 1969 A2 Version SMALL Paul Cooper, Eastern Region 1983 SMALL Paul Cooper

31 January 2022

Updated 14 Rover and Ranger maps. Added Peter Lloyd video 'Why the Vignelli map was ditched'. Added megabus-route, Durban rail map Tony Paoli, Hainult loop on poster, BRITISH RAILWAYS LINER TRAIN ROUTES POSSIBLE TERMINALS. BEECHING REPORT 1963 MAP.

29 January 2022

Added two videos about NYC subway map seen on Peter Lloyd Twitter feed.

26 January 2022

Added Bulgaria photo Andy Brabin, Hainult loop in-car strip map, NL in-car strip map Bank closure, railsail_400 Max Roberts

21 January 2022

Added The cheaper sleeper lflt map Nathan Howe 1989-90.

20 January 2022

Added Tube map 4 design issues and Tube map 4 design issues 2, PDR+Line+Diagram+Version+2+Issue+2.3, RENFE Int map 1960s Mike Ashworth, post-Covid recovery Richard Rowson. Removed Europe night trains Jug Cerovic as duplicate.

19 January 2022

Added standard-tube-map Jan 2022, night-trains-europe-map Dec 2021 Jug Cerovic, Night Trains in Europe map 2022 Jug Cerovic

18 January 2022

Added Bakerloo map 1906, Berlin S-=Bahn 1933 Mike Ashworth Collection, london-rail-and-tube-services-map Jan 2022, Melbourne-Tram-2021_Map_Only

15 January 2022

Added Ireland 18AS GEO inset areas

4 January 2022

Added Southern-Electric-1934-Small Paul Cooper. Revised TOC and Route maps with improved background.

30 December 2021

Added dublin-rail-map Sept 2021 Style Factory, Moscow metro Snow King, Christmas Card 2021, Bratislava City Chris Smere, Bratislava night lines map Chris Smere, Bratislava region Malacky Chris Smere, Bratislava Region Senec Chris Smere, LNR poster disruption map, Singapiore Suntec map, Singapiore MRT LRT map 2040 satorusaka, West Midlands rail map, Night trains Vienna, Graz Austria map

28 December 2021

Added SWRNETWORK Dec 2021, Dublin area rail map 12, Ireland 17 AS inset areas

23 December 2021

Added BHM city map, BR LMR London suburban Mike Ashworth,

14 December 2021

Changed title of London Rail v38 to London AllLine map

10 December 2021

Replaced previous with Rail map v34 GBR21 tctp, replaced previous version with Rail map v34 curvy blue tctp; addded TOCs v55 Dec 2021 tctp, TOCs AS v50 Dec 2021. Replacing previous versions: Blue route AS+Metro map v23, Blue route AS map v22

8 December 2021

Added Singapore MRT LRT 225 December 2021

Added LTA-Virtual-Exhibition-MRT-Map Singapore, LTA-Future-MRT-System-Map-March-2020-scaled, oslo-metro-1 Theodore Ditse, Septa Martha Connall 2021, SWR Vauxhall stn map with errors.

29 November 2021

Put back smart phone link on home page with corrected libks to iOS and android. Added Crosstown link Mike Ashworth, NLL Crosstown coast Richard Price

24 November 2021

Added Midland Railway poster, DLR station map, TfL strip map LST - SNF Neil Roth, PCB tube map Adam Zeloof, SE alt train times map poster.

23 November 2021

Added IoW in-car strip map (TheBeautyofTransport), Stanmore extension poster ianvisits, Central line extension poster ianvisits, Southern Heritage Railway Map v9, Sweden rail map, Thameslink London ticket validity map

18 November 2021

Added HS2+NPR 10 (v27).

9 November 2021

Added BCA-Black-History-Tube-Map, Central Line pictoral map 2021, DisusedTubeMap Mark Noad, London-commuter-rail-service-map-1-0 pablomarinas. 'Smartphone apps temporarily removed.

7 November 2021

Split London Underground Official, Alternative and Themed maps into two pages. Added Alt routes poster Blackfriars, Beck early sketch, Northern line station map (BPS), arts&crafts_20th Max Roberts, arts&crafts_21st Max Roberts, gill_A&C_modern_CMYK Max Roberts.

3 November 2021

Added austrail, Australia National_Combined_Rail_Map, Glasgow S-train map Adam Gripton, New Zealand schematic road map

1 November 2021

Added Merseyrail BR 1949 20th Century Posters, Xmas card 2020 email, Piccadilly Line extensions map 1932 LTM, Overground in-car strip map, Thameslink station map St Pancras, Belt & Road Jug Cerovic, Greater Bay Area China map Jug Cerovic, Scotland BR 1949, Hull Trains RouteMap, French Dispatch film transit map, Euro Night Sprinter 2030 vision, South London tram concept Lewisham.

21 October 2021

Updated website to v20 and ceated video page with Geoff Marshall x2 and Max Roberts..

20 October 2021

Added TOCs AS v49 October 2021, TOCs v54 Oct 2021 tctp, Barry Dow railmap 50, Hamburg curvy 2021, new-york-city-metro-subway-map Jug Cerovic

16 October

Added AJS tube map 1970s, replaced Blue route AS+Metro map v21 with V22

13 October 2021

Added bcn-map Annamarie Jo Morehouse, Canal map nbminimalist, Waterscape London canal map, LNR in-car map square

11 October 2021

Created new website development page. Added PM in Rail Times to About Project page. Added Concentric circles map Moscow Max Roberts, Hybrid map Moscow Max Roberts, Octolinear orbital curvilinear radial map Moscow Max Roberts

9 October 2021

Added tube_cameronbooth_futureOSI_2500px, SE CityBeam route map, madrid_mapa_autobus_metro Jug Cerovic, Tashkent Uzbekistan

1 October 2021

Replaced NR (v33) Routes map v8 with 9 (corrections at Coventry, naming High Speed). Added france-plan-grandes-lignes Jug Cerovic, Klagenfurt abendlinien-aushang-092021-a3.pdf, Klagenfurt taglinien-aushang-092021-a3, metro de medellin official 2021.jpg, metro de medellin Cam Booth 2021

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