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New schematic maps of the



7 April 2021

Added Amsterdam GVB tram, bus & ferry plan 19631 April 2021 Mike Ashworth Collection, Berlin U-Bahn 1961, ScotRail map-grand-tour-of-scotland-1701, SofiaMetroMap official.

Upped to v19 and started adding pages and photos to OLE section.

Added schaffhausen-public-transport-map, lausanne-public-transport-map, bern-public-transport-map, basel-public-transport-map all by Jug Cerovic

29 March 2021

Updated NR (v33) Routes map v5, added dubai-metro-bus-map 2021 Jug Cerovic, hamburg-public-transport-map Jug Cerovic

24 March 2021

Added GWR Accessibility Network Map poster June 2020, Hamburg Jug Cerovic, Rome Jug Cerovic, Tramway Reims ndetroit, Mulhouse ndetroit

23 March 23

Added ScotRail Central Region 10

18 March 2021

Added east_midlands_railway_emr_network_map

15 March 2021

Added Urban-map London, West Riding routes, West Yorkshire CA proposed transit map, Trans-Euope-Express map c1971 Germany.

10 March 2021

Added Railway Air Services poster - 3000 maps.

5 March 2021

Revised Blue route AS+Metro map v20 to v21.

26 February 2021

Added TOCs AS v47 Feb 2021

22 February 2021

Added curvy barcelona 2021 Frank, Brest Chris Smere, Niagara's Great Gorge Trip, South East waterways map 2014

18 February 2021

Added NR (v33) Routes map v4 to Network Rail route & RUS maps and replaced previous on home page.

17 February 2021

Added Docklands Connections c1990, milan moscow style by Cédric,

14 February 2021

Added Glasgow Subway Transitscapes, updated NR regions rail map v27Rg from Rf.

8 January 2021

Added DLR Chris Smere, London Rail and Tube QR Map December 2020(m), Tube map poster December 2020, standard-tube-map pocket Jan 2021, Transport for London services - measured train noise levels Zones 1&2 PDF, germany-ic-ice-2020_theflyingindonesian, sydney-toweringhorizon, salt-lake-city-transit-map Jug Cerovic

1 January 2021

Created new folder for OLE and upgraded to ProjectMappingCatenary18.

18 December 2020

Added TOCs AS v46 Dec 2020, Rail map v33 curvy blue. Replaced two All Stations blue route maps.

3 December 2020

Added FWT Derby GB rail map Doug Rose 2009, Nanning China Metroman, Taipei Taiwan Metroman, How to travel like a Parisian 1955 RATP cover Georges Redon, Okinawa Urban Monorail Japan Chris Smere, Network North

23 November 2020

Added Toulouse Rafaël Charpentier, MetroBordeaux Rafaël Charpentier, lisboa-lisbon-map-mapa-rede-metro-bus, Sydney map 1980s, singapore_SMRT 2000, MrMappy and retro style GB route map, MrMappy and GB anagram map

14 Novemner 2020

Added sm-20-03-en-exp, Singapore MRT LRT 21, Paddington stations in-car strip map, Tramway de Montpellier RAFAȄL CHARPENTIER, Tramway de Rouen RAFAȄL CHARPENTIER

12 November 2020

Replaced Nigel Doran LO circl map by Brian Butterworth hi-rez file. Removed some photos of myself and added Max Roberts with posters Wivenhoe station, Map wallpaper, R. Raleigh D'Adamo

10 November 2020

Added Edinburgh trams map Chris Smere, T&W metro map German Jen Bartram, Wikipedia LO map Brian Butterworth, LO in-car diagram Brian Butterworth, Moscow octolinear Max Roberts, GB lightsaber map Kirsten Reilly, UK tube map Over & Over, London Overground in-car map lo-rez, London Infrastucture Plan 2050 Transport v6 Brian Butterworth, 150 years of Dutch Railway Posters, Athens 2020 station metro map, Glasgow & West rail map Mark McPhelim BreukArt, NY pentagram-ampersand, Rhine-Ruhr light rail map, Stockholm metro map english translation

3 November 2020

Updated to v17 to include Shop items. Added 'buy poster' and links to Redbubble for Rail map v31 GBR curvy and Rail map small scale anagram tctp map.

29 October 2020

Added Piccadilly extension map 1933, China rail map 1959, Guardian Data-Rail-map-full-001, Isle of Sodor geographic, L&SWR London connections map c1910, Wembley Park 1924 Kennedy North

7 October 2020

Added Doha Metro Chris Smere, Fribourg Freiburg trolleybus map, Independent Subway map, lnr_september_frequency_map_web_ready 2020, NYS Full Map Dark thedogpill, Phiadelphia SEPTA Martha Lauren, Valencia TransitDesign, Spittal/Drau Carinthia Chris Smere, Sofia metro map Chris Smere

6 October 2020

Added Major station symbols by Anthony Gough.

5 October 2020

Added Abellio page and abellio franchise-locations-map, abellio greater-anglia-map-600, abellio lnr-map-600, abellio merseyrail-map-600, abellio scotrail-map-600, abellio stansted-express-map-600, abellio wmr-map-600. Replaced Rail map v31 GBR curvy with version e and Rail map v30 curvy z with Rail map v30c curvy.

2 October 2020

Added EMR map Sept 2020 and text.

23 September 2020

Added Bari Italy in-car strip map, BART 1991, Beijing subway network 2009, Cairo, OBB nightjet map 2020/2024, Nightjet Zielnetz expansion 2024, Nightjet-Netz Schweiz expansion 2024

18 September 2020

Added Bordeaux Rafael Charpentier, Istanbul line M2 Cool strip map, istanbul-M2_metro_strip_map.png, Cottbus transit map Chris Smere, NYC map thegogpill, NYC Vignelli style test map

15 September 2020

Created new page for Britain Train Services Alex Hancock Dec 2019 and crit and Stourbridge, Liverpool and Waterloo Clapham Junction enlargements.

7 September 2020

Added All roads lead to Stone map straight.

25 August 2020

Added S-Bahn Stuttgart Chris Smere, KenEx_Map_March_2020, Lucerne trolleybus Chris Smere

23 August 2020

Changed Blue route AS map v18 to v19 and Blue route AS+Metro map v18 to v19.

19 August 2020

Added Kickmap London no zones 2020, AirCon tube Geoff Marshall, London tube & rail steps-tube-map-zones-1-3, Manchester tram c1930s Mike Ashworth

17 August 2020

Replaced Rail maps v30 & v31 with correct spelling for Leamington Spa.

9 August 2020

Added to new OLE/OCS page with new Project Catenary' logo. Added Edinburgh v8, Leeds v8, Liverpool v11, Manchester v14, Newcastle Sunderland v5, West Midlands v11. Added Tyne & Wear button.

8 August 2020

Added TOCs AS v45 August 2020

5 August 2020

Created new 'schematic map design comparisons' page with SPI, Paddington, Bank Monument and Stratford.

4 August 2020

Added BR LMR Pullman1960 map, LNR 6th_july_lnr_frequency_map, WMR map Web Page 2020, WMR_LNR poster maps, Sydney @crossing_lights, Madrid very old, RER strip maps, Rotterdam 1927 Max Roberts N.P. de Koo, South Wales Metro potential.2_0

30 July 2020

Added Asturias Chris Smere, haunt2big The Londonist.jpg, SFL-Map-March-2020, TfW map 2020, Merseyside Martha Lauren, NA Rivers updated-07-28-20 Daniel Huffman, Manchester 1970s and cover, Cumbria's Rail Network, FINAL_Subway-Advert-Bòrd-na-Gàidhlig-page-0-1024x245, Glasgow Subway Gaelic map.

21 July 2020

Added Rail map v31 GBR curvy, SFMTA muni map July 2020, NYS Synthez Design Agency 1988, NYS big apple map, BART single blue line strip map, WMM newmapweb-01

18 July 2020

Added FGP UK Rail Map Dec19, London rail Zero per Zero, London knighttube_edited-1, moscow-metro-subway-map Jug Cerovic July 2020, USA night-trains-north-america-map Jug Cerovic July 2020, Train Tracker psb tube map, T&WPTE metro map 1980, sunshine_autumn Max Roberts 2020, Southern Railway Gateway to Continent map 1927

16 July 2020

Added 2_npr-map, HS2_East_Midlands_Hub access map, adelaide-metro Ditsek 2020, adelaide-metro-isometric Ditsek 2020, Map-Generic Cal Sleeper 2020, TPERouteMapDec2019nongeo, TPERouteMap(Geographic)Dec2019

12 July 2020

Added TOCs AS v44 July 2020, Australia Interstate rail map, Vignelli-style-Melbourne-Rail-Map-Philip Mallis-v1.1, Sydney circular Max Roberts 2017, IE Rail Developments map July 2020, Pocket tube map July 2020, standard-tube-map May 2020, KMAP_LONDON_SMALL_lg, KMAP_LONDON_BIG_lg

2 July 2020

Added Gothenburg tram walk map 2020, wuhan01 Wesley Chan, mtr_nw4 Wesley Chan, OBB nightjet map 2020, Osijek Croatia Tramway Chris Smere June 2020, St Louis Chris Smere June 2020

19 June 2020

Added Addis Abeba lightrailtransit Nathan Detroit Tony Paoli, Charleroi metro Chris Smere June 2020, Faroe-Islands-vision-2025 Renno Hokwerda, Metro Lisboa Chris Smere June 2020, Met '1920s curvy' style map Max Roberts June 2020

14 June 2020

Added Adelaide 1978, Adelaide Cameron Booth, Adelaide Chris Smere, Adelaide Theodore Ditse, Step Free London-Map-March-2020, step-free-tube-guide-map seen 2020, alex4d_2012_07_big London tube map

3 June 2020

Added 2016 TfL tube map (2008), 2021 TfL tube map (Nov 2013), Matthew Hoffbrand London tube map, Franco Signs London tube map Max Roberts, Macdonald Gill style London Tube map Max Roberts, Piccadilly line graphics.

29 May 2020

Added Shenzen metro map 2025 Metroman May 2020, Shenzen metro map 2020 Metroman May 2020, Adelaide_Train_&_Tram_network_map_675x1575_Aug2019_WEB, Balkan fantasy map, Budapest Chris Smere May 2020, Commuter train Austria map 2020 Chris Smere, Creative Review sexual health image, L&NWR map, MAPA_DE_REDE_2019 Oporto, Midland Railway poster 1907, Moscow suburban Ilya Birman, Nantes Chris Smere May 2020, Seattle 1970 plan Oran Viriyincy, Shenzen Hong King Jug Cerovic May 2020, Strasbourg Tramway et BHNS map Chris Smere May 2020

26 May 2020

Created new Portugal page, added 1920px-MapRhaetischeBahn, Metro_do_Porto Portugal, porto-map urban rail, Porto 1 Chris Smere 2020, Porto 2 Chris Smere 2020, Porto 3 Chris Smere 2020.

14 May 2020

Added Northern Scotland Gemma Thomson, SW Scotland Gemma Thomson, Northern England Gemma Thomson, 1941 London Underground Map by Hans “Zéró” Schleger, Beck Underground lines map 1945, Hans Schleger tube map 1940 inside, Hans Schleger tube map 1940 outside

12 May 2020

Added Explore Yorkshire Coast poster E Lander BR NE Div, High speed Italy Chris Smere, removed Metrolink March 2020 and replaced with Metrolink_map_with_TPL_for_getmethere_portal, Mexico 1917, Chicago Chris Smere, NYMR Commuter Rail Guide designed Joan Charysyn, Minsk Chris Smere, Oslo Metro Stiann Bredesen May 2020, t-banen-linjekart-03042016, oslo-metro-subway-map Jug Cerovic, Riga Latvia metro map Chris Smere

10 May 2020

Added Lockdown Economics tube map, Marseille tram metro map Chris Smere, Widnes on foot map, tube_cameronbooth_futureOSI_5000px, Matsuyama Chris Smere April 2020, Paris 1946, Paris 1948, Sheffield Tram map v3 Chris Smere, mm_old.png, wmmmap 2019, Moscow Max Roberts April 2020

4 May 2020

Added Gdansk Chris Smere April 2020, Railmap South wales sample, Railmap custom_map-1, Railmap London Stratford detail and text

29 April 2020

Added Diagrama-curvilini-Barcelona-2020 Frank Rodiii, Florence/Firenze Chris Smere, Inter-City Sleeper poster 1974, ireland-crayon Thei Ditsek, Dublin area rail map 11, Ireland 10, Ireland 16 AS inset areas, Northern Ireland rail map 6, Ireland intercity-map, cork-map, N Ireland translink map

20 April 2020

Created Serbia page and added Belgrade urban & regional rail map Jug Cerovic, Belgrade regional rail map Jug Cerovic, Belgrade commuter rail map Jug Cerovic and Belgrade commuter rail map Chris Smere. Added White W M Metro Chris Smere, Vienna tram line T 1977 Chris Smere, Vienna City railways map v2 Max Roberts, Vienna future u-Bahn old style Max Roberts

18 April 2020

Replaced 8pp ASLEF diary pages with 2021 version. Made link to Network Topologies page from 'Contacts'. Added BR LMR pre Beeching timetable map 1965? front and BR LMR pre Beeching timetable map 1965? back to NRT and Historical pages. Added BR Euro Rail Map 1975 and BR International Passenger Map 1975 to Europe and Historical; Paris Metro BR Euro map 1975 to Historical and France. Added Timetable maps button to Rail Maps page.

17 April 2020

Added Xmas card 2019, DfT banner design 8b p1, DfT banner design 8b p2, Berlin S-Bahn map 1980, 1196x614_Italo-Network, Baltimore Washington Chris Smere, louisville-crayon Theo Ditsek, san-antonio-austin-commuter-rail Theo Ditsek,vegas-crayon Theo Ditsek, Washington Covid-19 metro map.

7 April 2020

Added Metrolink stripmap v4

3 April 2020

Modified 'Project train rail maps' page with new timeline, added two early maps. Changed home page route map to new curvy version. Updated website to v16.

25 March 2020

Added TOCs AS v43 March 2020, replaced Blue route AS+Metro map v17 with v18 replaced NR regions rail map v27Re with v27Rf.

22 March 20230

Added Travel map for Londoners, LU Max Roberts Brutalist hard, LU Max Roberts Brutalist soft

Created new page called Network topologies, design principles and detail with Network topologies, Network types Robert Aehnelt

20 March 2020

Added S_U-Bahn-Liniennetz Berlin, Regionalverkehr Brandenburg und Berlin, Strassenbahnnetz Berlin tram, Busliniennetz Berli, A4wm 2040 metro rail map, hsr-map-725x1024

19 March 2020

Added 1967 NYC Subway New Routes map, Portland Rail System poster map, Portland Streetcar map, Portland Trolly map 1943, NYS boot, MTR system map HK

18 March 2020

Added Metrolink v9 Mar 2020

16 March 2020

Added WiFi Tube Map TfL/uSwitch, tube_map_proposed_names3 Londonist, LU map_tiwb_Welsh hi-res

12 March 2020

Added Istanbul Gece Metrosu Haritası / Night Metro Network Map, İstanbul İnşaat Halindeki Raylı Sistemler Haritası / Railway Network Map in Underconstruction, Istanbul Karikatür Harita / Cartoon Map, İstanbul Metro Hatları Haritası / Metro Lines Map, İstanbul Raylı Sistemler Erişilebilirlik Haritası / Metro Accessibility Map, İstanbul Raylı Sistemler Gelecek Vizyonu / Railway Lines map future, İstanbul Raylı Sistemler Haritası / Railway map, İstanbul Raylı Sistemler Kontrast Harita / Railway Contrast Colour Map, İstanbul Tramvay Hatları Haritası / Tram Lines Map

11 March 2020

Replaced All Line Rover, Central Scotland Rover, Cheshire Day Ranger, Coast and Peaks,
Freedom of North West; Spirit of Scotland, Ffestiniog Circular and Freedom of North West with updated versions

10 March 2020

Added Metrolink March 2020, DMRC-Map Oct 2019, Lok Kalyan station map

28 February 2020

Added three Delhi metro station signs (not counted as maps): Botanical Garden sign, Mandi House sign, Vasant Vihar sign; Delhi metro platform map, Delhi metro In-car strip map

17 February 2020

Added grand-paris-plan-metro-map 2020.

16 February 2020

Added LT tube map 2020 diary.

13 February 2020

Removed Jug Cerovic from Rail Maps home page so don't have to upload all his maps twice. Replaced with Night and Sleeper Train Maps page taking maps from Europe International & high speedtrain rail maps page. Added belgrade-public-transport-bus-map-beograd-mapa-gradskog-prevoza, Helsinki Jug Cerovic, utrecht-bus-tram-train-map Jug Cerovic, riyadh-metro-subway-map JC, night-trains-world-map Jug Jan 2020

12 February 2020

Added Toronto Subway April 2019 Anton Vinogradov, toronto-subway-ttc 2017, Baghdad Proposed 1981-84

8 February 2020

Added Warsaw 2019 Chris Smere, TriMet-MTA-Vignelli Portland, TransitMap_Concept_Berlin_2035 Robert Aehnelt, SWT timetable cover map 2004, St Peterburg metro Chris Smere, St Peterburg Chris Smere, Rotterdam Den Hagg Chris Smere, Rotterdam Den Hagg Chris Smere 2, Ouigoland 2020, Sofia metro map Chris Smere, Simplon Orient-Taurus Express brochure 1930

6 February 2020

Renamed Network Rail Station Graphics to Station and Rail Symbols. Added Reading 1 & 2. Added GA poster map with errors, London Max Roberts octolinear_cr_k_600, GreenGround map_connecting_london_parks, Mile End missing station sign, Tyne & Wear Chris Smere, Strathclyde Rail Map Martha Lauren, Metro M symbols

30 January 2020

Updated Structure 2 to v4. Added Berlin 1984, germany-ic-ice-2020_Sml theflyingindonesian, GWR HEX 2019 Map - Image (1), Young GWR full-network-map, WM Metro map Dec 2019, Vancouver Fast_and_Frequent_Transit_Map

25 January 2020

Added 2019-sydney-rail-network-map, BR Glossop & Hadfield lines map, Frankfurt 1928 Cameron Booth, GC blackpool-horizontal, Jugoslovanske Železnice map 1985/6, TfW Network Map DL V10 NOT ACCESSIBLE - 261119, GWR CLR map, Macroom Direct Line map, NL Spoorkaart 2020, norcal_rail 2030 Steve Boland, Calurbanist

23 January 2020

Added Mill Hill - Kentish Town new EMR route, Scottish Railway Journeys Map, OUR ROUTES DR 2020 cropped

20 January 2020

Added london-rail-and-tube-services-map Dec 2019 and new descriptive text to renamed 'London Rail & Tube map development' page.
Added 1939 LT map Max Roberts, LT Beck style Max Roberts, Arturs D tube map, election tube map_2019, London n-s-e-w-b

15 January 2020

Added Singapore Jan 2020 photo and Singapore photo_2019-12-11_15-06-25

27 December 2019

Added Barry Doe railmap 45 and self publicity in Rail magazine, Boston 1980 map, Auckland Chris Smere, Auckland Metro map LU style 2029, 1949-10_A-S-Bahn-Berlin Robert Aehnelt Sammlung O Hoell, Berlin-U-Bahn-1933 Robert Aehnelt, BS&WR Exhibition map, Paris metro map 1989, Paris metro map, Paris Metro strike map 2019

23 December 2019

Adeed to links

19 December 2019

Added LNR poster map Dec 2019, naples_metro_2019

18 December 2019

Added Léman Express map, TfW VL Map NON ACCESSIBLE 0419 - 261119, Schwebebahn mao Wuppertal, Stansted Express map Dec 2019; added picture of Max and I at book launch

15 December 2019

Added Singapore review page and 'Compare LTA maps'.

12 December 2019

Added Singaport MRT/LRT map Dec 2019, Singaport MRT/LRT map Dec 2019 alternative, Singapore MRT LRT 20.
Leeds Bradford, Manchester, Liverpool Merseyside, Edinburgh, Cardiff,
Newcastle Sunderland, Birmingham West Midlands, Glasgow Strathclyde,
Derby regional / area maps added (2) or replaced.

10 December 2019

Added Avant West Coast map Dec 2019

9 December 2019

Created Glasgow Subway page. Added 1024px-East_Coast_Main_Line_inter-city_services Virgin.png, Beeching and road/rail schematics 1984, Glasgow subway Chris Smere, Kosice Chris Smere, LB&SCR, Sydney light rail network map.

6 December 2019

Added standard-tube-map Oct 2019, TfL pocket map, LU power supply map 1933

5 December 2019

Added TOCs AS v42 December 2019; added TOCs v52 December 2019; replaced Blue route AS map and Blue route AS+Metro map versions 16 with versions 17; replaced Rail map 19D August 2019 with 21D December 2019; replaced Rail map v27b May 2019 with v31 December 2019.

Added London Rail v37, London Over-Under-CR v28, Tube map Dec 2019

27 November 2019

Added Chris Smere to links. Added Corsica Nathan Detr0it, Gothenburg-ElectricSince1902, Madrid Metro map 1981, MAP_Rail_National emoov, Milano v6 Chris Smere, newyork_schematic Max Roberts, Paris 1913, TfL PAD-Reading strip map, Rivercove-Residences-Sengkang-LRT-System, Singapore October 2019

20 November 2019

Added st-petersburg-metro-map-english, St Petersburg map photo, St Petersburg metromap 2019, GER-Excursions-Marken-Volendam-Wenckebach

15 November 2019

Added TfW Simple Accessibility Map 0819 V9A, TfW Network Map DL v8 (003), TfW-Geographical-Route-Map-0919_1, Southern strip map, abu-dhabi-bus-map

14 November 2019

Added Roman Roads of Britain, California-Rail-Transit-Map-2017-03-25, Charlotte LYNX Blue Line strip map, LondonUndergroundOverground 2 Kenneth Field, avoiding-stairs-tube-guide map 2019, Diagram of Lines Jan 1950, TI Wien LU map computer generated, Tube map 1949 found Knightsbridge 1996. Added comments about Cerovic Singapore map 3. Added BECK_IA_w2, Connections from Rotterdam with the hinterland, Delhi Jug Cerovic 3, DevonRailMap-2, Halloween MTA costume, London_South_East_expanded-0919

4 November 2019

Added GB route map diary curvy v10L. Slight rearrangement of 'Project train rail maps'.

18 October 2019

Added WMR map station poster

15 October 2019

Added BR XC Bernard Slatter, Bauhaus Berlin Max Roberts, Jura Suisse map

11 October 2019

Added Copenhagen Mogens KBH19n, Copenhagen 2032 Mogens, Joining up Britain map, Joining up Britain map poster, Heathrow rail proposals 2019

9 October 2019

Added EMR (MR Oct 2019), samlet-linjekort-for-metro-s-tog-regionaltog-og-lokaltog, Minsk tramway map Belarus Chris Smere, Tallinn tram map Estonia Chris Smere, Vienna U-Bahn M Roberts, romford-station-a4-300917

7 October 2019

Added BR c1985 Filofax photo (doublearrow), BR 1956 map, BR 1966 map w regions, BR 1975 geo map principal, Bratislava tram map Chris Smere, DfT WCP Base-Map, Midland Red parcels map c1968, NR_UK_Map_Dec14 2015, LNR poster map photo BNS. Modified Barry Doe page.

28 September 2019

Created Copnhagen page, added Copenhagen Train Metro Network Chris Smere, copenhagen-kristoffer-baek, copenhagen-metro-subway-map Jug Cerovic, CPH-day-marco berends

26 September 2019

Added London Over-Underground-CR v27, Barry Doe railmap44, Copenhagen cph-transit-map-2019-09-29, london_hexa_night, seaside_nouveau

21 September 2019

Added BR map seen Coventry (Max), Coventry BR map.

19 September 2019

Added cork_commuter Max Roberts, key-bus-routes-in-central-london, KX electric railway connections map, InterCity Routes 1985, updated NR regions rail map v27R from d to e.

15 September 2019

Added TOCS AS v41 September 2019

9 September 2019

Added Out and about Southern Mark Ovendum, Chicago leaflet EL map Jan 2018, EMT timetable 3 maps 2017-18, InterCity map 1985, MML map MR mag Mar 2019, OBB Nightjet map Nov 2017, Tube map 1985, TEZ map Slovakia

6 September 2019

Updated ASLEF diary maps.

5 September 2019

Added farebrother London tube map, Rotterdam 1974, San Diego trolleys, WMR in-car map, SWR illustrated map. Replaced Sheffield Chris Smere with update.

4 September 2019

Created Swizterland and Bulgarian pages with linsk from Europe; Added Liniennetzplan SBB Fernverkehr (long distance), Swisspass tarifzonen, zvv sbahn, zvv stadt_zuerich train bus tram boat, zpass-zonenplan_en, Metro sign Sofia, sofia-metro-map-compact-english, sofia-metro-lines-2016-july[1]; Lille Chris Smere, IVB_Liniennetzplan_2019_Innsbruck, OBB Bahnnetz Salzburg map, SNCF map Dec 2014, Complete-All-on-one-London.Nodal-transport-map, London-Lines.Tube-train-tram-metro-Quickmap

27 August 2019

Added Banska Bystrica Slovakia Chris Smere, Edinburgh tram map nov 18, Northern Northern line, Israel Chris Smere, Transit Center Maryland USA, Tube map of Periodic Table. Added text for new EMR map, added Derby v5 to EMT page

16 August 2019

Replaced Leeds v4 with v6, Liverpool with v9, Manchester with v11, Derby with v5. Updated diary map with Rail map 19D August 2019

15 August 2019

Added TOCs v51 August 2019, TOCs AS v40 August 201

14 August 2019

Added emr_dl_system_map 8/2019n

9 August 2019

Added Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit Service map, Moscow electric tram network (1910), night-trains-europe-map 3, NPR-Feb2019-web-1. Added link to Russia & Moscow from Europe.

30 July 2019

Added CAM, London Bridge TL platform map, Blackheath SE platform map, Marianske Lazne CZ Chris Smere, Metrolink Park+Ride map, Southern Electric Mark Ovendum, Nantes Chris Smere, romantube_-2, Sheffield Chris Smere

25 July 2019

Added Aarhus Letbane Denmark map Chris Smere, Bern tram & trolley Chris Smere, Bonn tram map old, EMRf Base-Map, Kintetsu Railway Network map, Tokyo Sakura Tram (Cherry blossom) map Japan, Takamatsu (Jug Cerovic) (twice).

9 July 2019

Added BART original map 1975-1995, BART 1995-2010 map, BART current map 2010+, Austin (Andrew Grant Houston), wmr_regional_map

18 July 2019

Added HS2+NPR 8 (v27).

8 July 2019

Added Moscow metromap-2012 Art Lebedev, als-mosmetro-map-v3.5.1-ru-en, st-petersburg-metro-soviet-style-1, NET Chris Smere, NET 2 Chris Smere, baltimore-metro-map-2-1 TheoDitsek, avoiding-stairs-tube-map, c2c-route-map-may, China high-speed-rail, istanbul-ulaisim-ag-haritasi, Eskisehir tram Chris Smere, Firenze Chris Smere, Minsk Metro Ilya Burman Belarus, singapore-metro-mrt-subway-map 3

5 July 2019

Added Railream network-map-nojs. Have been correcting many of the black header band problems.

4 July 2019

Updated Rovers & Rangers with new Cheshire Day Ranger 4, Coast and Peaks 5, East Midlands Ranger 2, East Midlands Rover 3, Spirit of Scotland 2. Added gm_2_future_metrolink, gm_3_bus, gm_4_rail, gm_ournetwork.

1 July 2019

Added new Traincrew Paul Cooper page with BR Southern 1965 NP, SE Carriage Map 1983 NP, Crossrail 1993 Map NP, Docklands Light Railway 1987 NP, Euston Broad Street NP, Fleet Line 1975 NP, Intercity 1993 NP, LNER Attactions Map Final NP, LNER Eastern Carriage Map 1929 NP, Met 1929 NP, Met 1937 NP, Metropolitan Line 1990 NP, North London Line 1984 NP, Bed Pan Map 1986 NP, Chiltern 1989 NP, Great Eastern 1988 NP, Great Northern 1986 NP, Island Line NP, NSE Carriage Map Sq 1992 NP, North Downs NP, NLL Square Map 1986 NP, Paddington Thames Line 1986 NP, South London Lines 1992 NP

18 June 2019

Removed TOCs AS v5.5c 2018 and added Blue route AS map v16, Blue route AS+Metro map v16 to TOC & OAO all stations page. Created v15.

Added fg-uk-rail-summer-2018-v1

13 June 2019

Replaced Rail map 16D Dec 2018 with Rail map 168D June 2019. Made this diary map on home page.

6 June 2019

Added TOCS AS v39 June 2019 and updated 12/6/19.

3 June 2019

Added Rail Baltic Estonia map, NR regions rail map v27Rd to home page, removed Athens, moved Diary map to bottom

31 May 2019

Added Thameslink strip map May 2019, TfL walking-tube-map-zones-1-3, shinkansen_map_japan_square, London_South_East_0519 plus text

28 May 2019

Added XC birmingham_stansted_map, XC cardiff_to_nottingham, XC reading_to_newcastle, XC south_coast_to_manchester, XC south_west_to_scotland, 18399_AM_Train_&_Tram_network_map_675x1575_July2018, Denver Chris Smere, Recife Brazil Chris Smere

24 May 2019

Added London_Rail_Tube_0519 with new 'London Rail Tube May 2019 points' page, ln02_web cover, ln1905_qr_01 cover

19 May 2019

Added Portland Streetcar map 2015, Portland TriMet-MTA-Vignelli, Portland trimetsystem

18 May 2019

Replaced Rail map v29e with v29g blue May 2019.

13 May 2019

Added Rail map v27b May 2019. Replaced Rail map 16.3 with Rail map v29e Dec blue 2018

12 May 2019

Added TOCs AS v38 May 2019.

11 May 2019

Added TOCs v50 May 2019.

9 May 2019

Updated 3 x Singapore 19 maps.

3 May 2019

Added Brussels Netzplan Tram, Venezia/Mestre Chris Smere

2 May 2019

Added Singapore MRT LRT 19 three versions inc all open and lines only, 20190422 SM - Up to CRL w DT4, Cliff Tan Singapore map 2, Cliff Tan Singapore map, Singapore map Faiz Basha, systemmap_SGTrains_2019b, melbourne-2025-durfsurn, Switzerland Netzgrafik 2019

25 April 2019

Added shinkansen_map_japan Jug Cerovic (Japan and JC pages), Mexico City Mapa MI CDMX, Moscow mm20190330, Creative Park Connectioon map Helen Ilus, Bay Area Rail Brian Stokes, Houston Chris Smere, Thameslink in-car journey planner, TSGN Travelling Wolf

23 April 2019

Added Sydney 1939 map spread and cover, 01-02-03-04-05-August-2018-Amended-Service-Route-Map, Paris metromap, West Midlands Metro map 5 . Added WMM map 5 to home page with page link.

17 April 2019

Finished All Stations map archive page (back to 2009).

Added Blue route AS M map v15

15 April 2019

Added London Standard Tube e 04-2019 Harald Krähe, LondonUndergroundOverground_Sml Kenneth Field, A Tube Map of Shared Words Ali Carr, London Tube and Rail e 04-2019 Harald Krähe, Dart strip map, DLR extensions Ali Carr, Olsztyn Poland Chris Smere, Rabat Chris Smere, Warsaw Metro Chris Smere, Vienna Chris Smere

1 April 2019

Added doha-qatar-metro-subway-map-jug-cerovic-inat, Delhi Metro - Behance - Vidushi Sharma, delhi-metro-subway-map 2 (Jug), Kagoshima Trams light (Chris Smere), Kagoshima trams dark (Chris Smere), Hiroshima Tramways Chris Smere, night-trains-europe-map (Jug), night-trains-europe-map 2 (Jug), night-trains-europe-map-business-class (Jug), linee tram Venice/Mestre, Wow airline map 2019, Tyne & Wear metro 1981. Jug maps added to location and Jug page.

21 March 2019

Added SWT L&SE map

20 March 2019

Added Yangon bus routes, TPX timetable map, Dallas-Fort Worth Chris Smere, Minsk 2050 triangular Chris Smere, Minsk 2050 curvy Chris Smere, ON sign Greeenwich, ON sign Streatham

14 March 2019

Added lnr_map 2019, wmr_regional_map 2019 (to WMT and WM pages), 750px-London_Midland_Rail_Network_Sagredo, 1958? french rail map, SNCF-Route-Map-2016-09, cross, Berlin 2 ZpZ, Hokkaido 2 ZpZ, New York 2 pink ZpZ, Osaka ZpZ, Paris 2 ZpZ, Seoul ZpZ, Tokyo 2 ZpZ, Tokyo 3 white ZpZ, map-gsrj-nov17, SF bay map Chris Smere, LB&SCR tile map, Scotland-Route-Study map

8 March 2019

Added London tube & rail_map_large Luke Carvill, London tube-map-redesign-01 Luke Carvill, Shakespeare tube map. Added links to aerial views and Zero per Zero.

24 February 2019

Updated Isle of Wight shapes with new SWR shape. Added SWR NetworkMap, LNWR timetable cover map Dec 2018, LNWR timetable network map Dec 2018, first-rail-august-2017-v1, TeesValleyRailMap, Moscow diagram@fx Ilya Birman, chelyabinsk-trams-2018-full@2x Ilya Birman, Dublin rail tram airport bus Chris Singleton, Frankfort-on-Main connections map, Singapore 1988, Singapore map bag Knackstop, Singapore Knackstop map section, GWR Network Map May 2017

1 February 2019

Added Chicago Transit Authority pumpkin, Thameslink 2000 Transit Authority map, Earthsea map, edthowe manc tram train 2040, 10614-ga_smart_card_usage_areas_route_map_10-18, 10531-ga_using_oyster_payg_map, anglia-plus-map, WWII p-o-w tube map, south-eastern-rail-franchise-prospectus maps 1, south-eastern-rail-franchise-prospectus maps 2

24 January 2019

Added Greater_Manchester_Rail_Tickets_Area_Map_Jan_2019, Combined_Rail_Metrolink_network_map_v17__free_bus, Metrolink-Map-2019, 1920px-Manchester_Metrolink_-_Schemaplan Maximilian Dörrbecker (Chumwa) Retrieved 19 January 2019, Metrolink stripmap v3i. Replaced Manchester map on home page with Metrolink and revised link.

10 January 2019

Added Singapore MRT LRT v18 and Added Singapore MRT LRT v18 all open (also to home page), PTV_MetropolitanTrainNetworkMap_August2018 Melbourne, Melbourne train network Ben Lever

8 January 2019

Added TfW timetable PTT3 map, TfW timetable PTT5 map, NR south east route track map, NR South East track diagram, Saloman NYC transit map 1957 (Max Roberts), Trondheim-Bodo night train map, Montreal Street Railway System 1893, Macdonald Gill tube map original, Macdonald Gill tube map recreated, lidl-waitrose-tube-map-large, Mapping London Advent Calendar, tube_map_above

4 January 2019

Added Chiltern route_map, Singapore 20180921_SM_JRL map

3 January 2019

Added Novosibirsk metro map, Aeroflot map, Alderney railway map, elizabeth_line_network_map-july_2017_a_, Changed jpg Plano Red de Metro (Santiago Chile) to pdf

18 December 2018

Added to both Jug Cerovic and location pages: seoul-metro-subway-map JC 2018, dubai-metro-bus-map, dubai-metro-map. Added Manchester free bus map, Map Anatomy Jonathan Simmonds 2018, All I want for Christmas, Ldn Und Max Roberts

16 December 2018

Added This is a mess 2

15 December 2018

Changed London Over-Underground 26b to 26c. Added london-rail-and-tube-services-map Dec 2018 (and review text) London_South_East_Dec 18, standard-tube-map Dec 2018.

12 December 2018

Added London Rail v36

9 December 2018

Added Trams to Lytham map, Roman Roads Iberia, Metrolink zone proposal map

8 December 2018

Changed diary Rail Map 15D to 16D

6 December 2018

Added berlin-rapid-transit-route-map_12 -2018-Pasha Omelekhin, MBTA dragon map (When I stare at the MBTA map too long, all the lines start to look like weird dragons), tn_us-aaf-brightline-map_02

Updated Google analytics image. Added Cheshire Science corridor HS2, great-western-rail-franchise-consultation

10 December 2017

Created new West Midlands Trains page and added lnr_network_dr_map, lnr_wmr_combined_network_dr_map, wmr_network_dr_map

8 December 2017

Added South London map (Southern) Max Roberts, Rail Time map (Whitehead), London_Midland_Rail_Network_Sagredo, LO ELL Night Service (also to MapWatch), Amsterdam Eric Hammink, Amsterdam Max Roberts Dec 2017, Amsterdamtram_20180722, TOCs v42f Dec 2017 HS2+CR1, TOCs AS v28c Dec 2017, West Midlands v4, Manchester v8,

Updated NRE detail maps: West Midlands v4, Manchester v8, Liverpool v4

2 November 2017

Added Chiltern routemap2, Camden Town track diagram, A Series of Twin Tubes, London rail crowding maps.

1 November 2017

Added Singapore MRT LRT 17, Singapore pre 1987, System map with legend_Oct2017, System Map with NELe-new version-Nov17, LTA Walking System Map, Transport Design Consultancy map and Transport Design Consultancy map grid.

19 October 2017

Added Dolomites, London Pneumatic Tube System map, North Clyde platform map, SBB, Swiss Rail map, Wine descriptions map.

16 October 2017

Added Rail map smallscale anagram, Berlin S-Bahn 1931, Berlin Stärke des Verkehrs, Inn Line, PTT20 Exeter and Salisbury timetable cover, PTT25 Romsey to Sailsbury timetable cover, PTT28 Weymouth Bournemouth timetable cover.

5 October 2017

Reviewed Links.

22 September 2017

Added North Eastern Railway, London Tube Harry Beck 1961, Singapore 20170619-train-system-map-operating, Temperature update from London Tube Network, Rail map v25 anagram, london-university-student-guide

2 September 2017

Added dlr-route-map June 2017, Gold Card Dgm Key, Surrey Best Impressions, bicycles-on-public-transport

21 August 2017

Added David Milne London map and inset, avoiding-stairs-tube-guide map July 2017, Bakerloo proposed-route-map, toilets-map July 2017, tube-map-with-tunnels July 2017, 151021-wales-borders-rail-network-map-en, METRO phase_02, Metro V2.1 with Key, Metro_map, elizabeth-line-crossrail-tube-map, Eliptical Paris, Hyperloop-London-to-Edinburgh-large_trans, SWR network map, SWR map 6c

Replaced SW Metro map with SW 160224-potential-metro-map-image-en (higher rez), added Hyperloop page

20 August 2017

Added TOCs v40 Aug 17, TOCs AS v27 Aug 17.

21 June 2017

Added Singapore MRT LRT 16, Singapore 20170619-train-system-map-future_v2, Plano Red de Metro (Santiago Chile), roman-empire-subway

20 June 2017

Added KAL airline route map, river-services-map, riverbuses_full, tube_43

19 June 2017

Added Yugoslavia rail map from Titos blue train, ZAT map 1957, Obdobje 1868-1876, Obdobje 1876-1900, Obdobje 1900-1918, Obdobje 1918-1945, Obdobje 1945>, Air Canada map, berlin_1988_overprint_400, Hadrians Wall, HK Railway Concentric Circle Map by Sameboat, Inter-City Sleepers Overground by night, NY Regional Diagram 2017, Osaka by JR, routemap_taiwan_Himawari Design Laboratory, London_Rail_Tube May 2017, London_South_East May 2017, northern-map-september-2016

16 June 2017

Added zg_tram_network 2013, Zagreb-Tram-Maps-Map 2000, ZET_Zagreb 2009 (By ZET - Zagrebački Električni Tramvaj Mreža Dnevnih Tramvajskih Linija), zagreb-map Urban rail, zet-zagreb-tram-map 2013

2 June 2017

Added Kaliningrad trolleybus map 1990, Kaliningrad tram map 1990

1 June 2017

Added live-music-tube-map1

27 May 2017

Replaced All Line Rover and Anglia Plus Rover with latest versions 5 and 2. Added Cities of North England 1, Breckenridge ski map, New York ferry map, Washington color_map_silverline 2013.pdf, Great_Northern_route_map 2014

22 May 2017

Added TOCs AS v25 May 2017, TOCs AS v26 June 2017

19 April 2017

Added Atlanta, ChicTrans-1913-001, Dft SWT map, Doha airport, lizzie, LU Defibrilator map, south-western-railway-3, luas_1, luas2

4 April 2017

Derby, Manvhester and Leeds NRE detail maps updated

30 March 2017

TOCs AS v24 April 2017 added

29 March 2017

Added TPE rover Map_Geo_Oct2016-LIV-HUL, tpe_map_geo_oct2016

17 March 2017

Added Metrolink v8 Feb 2017 and Metrolink stripmap v2.

24 February 2017

Changed email contact address in black box to 'Contribute by sending your views to ProjectMapping'. Updated file name to ProjectMapping11. Added Manchester v7.

23 February 2017

Added TOCs AS v23 Feb 2017, Metrolink-web-map Feb 2017, SOE 1934 2_fmt, TfL's rail network map 2019, Eurotunnel teatowel map, kolkata-local-trains, London cycle superhighway map, Munich mdb_208324_netz16_sb_a1, OfficialNationalRailmaplarge 2015, loco2 country_rail_map_images-original, loco2 D country_rail_map_images-original, loco2 E country_rail_map_images-original, loco2 F country_rail_map_images-original, loco2 I country_rail_map_images-original, Metropolitan Railway old 1, Metropolitan Railway old 2

17 january 2017

Added Capital Connect, Deesideconnect, Swansea Connect, Cardiff Underground, Xmas card Twitter 2016, Deloite, Dorothy-0113-Alternative-Love-72dpi-Master-High, Peter Dovak 3066938-inline-i-1-what-transit-maps-reveal-about-cities-around-the-world, Sheffield pub, The Times TOC ownership map, Future Southeast Asia map, Ditsek beck-singapore-mrt-with-diamond-ccl1, Ditsek northern-line-strip-map5, Ditsek xrail-elizabeth-line3, Ditsek tube-map-1913, London-on-Sea 2100, Super Mario London tube map, Underground 1946 map, Ditsek mtr-with-station-numbering, London Christmas map 2016, London_Rail_Tube_Map_Dec16, NS-buitenlandse-verbindingen 1951, nottingham bus network dgm rhn final feb16, Nottingham rh-lrg-network-map

15 January 2017

Replaced Freedom of Scotland rover with Spirit of Scotland Travelpass.

12 January 2017

Added Ditsek overground-strip-map-with-fare-zones, Ditsek overground-strip-map, Max Roberts Overground_trai

11 January 2017

Replaced updated Rovers: Cumbria Round Robin, Central Scotland Rover, Freedom of Scotland.

8 January 2017

Added Theodore Ditsek to Links page.

30 Dec 2016

Added Sri Lanka rail map

29 December 2016

Created and added 'Singapore maps compare' (not added to count).

9 December 2016

Added TOCs v38d Dec 2016, TOCs AS v22 Dec 2016, Manchester v6 Rail map Dec 2016

1 December 2016

Added Wien S/U-Bahn map Oct16

30 November 2016

Added london-overground-network-map May 2016, LU map MR SDG Nov16, night-tube-map-1 Nov16, night-tube-taxi-rank-guide Nov16, london-metro-subway-tube-rail-map Jug Cerovic 2, Metrolink-system-map Nov 2016, manchester-rail-map

21 November 2016

Added Bristol MetroWest MR Oct16, 1956_ParisMetro_2Color_2500px, fr-paris-metro-pdf-map, fr-paris-stif-pdf-map

17 November 2016

Created Austria page and added OBB Bahnnetz, Vienna Dec15, Vienna rail Dec15, Vienna subway S-Bahn Tram

15 November 2016

Added 1941 London Underground Hans “Zéró” Schleger, Mistletoe map, 4xRoberts_Rose_TRA_2017_Page_11_Images

12 November 2016

Added two Virgin E & W C maps (to two pages)

2 November 2016

Added IoW strip map

30 October 2016

Added London Tube Map by Zuti, Berlin Metro Map by Zuti, New York Subway Map by Zuti, Paris Metro Map by Zuti

28 October 2016

Added GWR_map, B Doe railmap35, bf-map (Bristol Ferry), London_Midland_city_routes 2, London_Midland_route_map_2016 (4), TEZ in-car map x 2, TEZ station map

24 October 2016

Updated site to v10, changed UK maps on home page to direct access with new cyan oval archive buttons to take user to review page. This makes it easier to view UK maps immediately. Updated ML1 maps.

22 October 2016

Added SE HiSpeed tmtb cover map, Prague metro_tram_daily_stops, NYC transit flow 1954, mikeyashworth (North East Manchester), mikeyashworth Lancs, Euston Northern & Victoria lines map

20 October 2016

Added csroute2, The Broads, SL_Spårtrafik (Sweden); created new Slovakia page added Bratislava Night-Routes-20160905, Bratislava Trams-Streetcars-20160822, Bratislava Trams-Streetcars-20161017, Bratislava Trolleybuses-20160704, BratislavacDay-Routes-20160718, Slovakia mapa_s_cislami_jun2016

19 October 2016

Added TOCs v37 Oct 2016

17 October 2016

Added 1971_GM_Rail_Ash, north-london-line, carte_generale_en_0, Berlin U/S-Bahn 1969

13 October 2016

Added SNCF voyageurs 1976 ©Rudi Meyer. TOCs AS v21 Oct 2016 replaced TOCs AS v20 Sept 2016.

24 September 2016

Added MainLine One page and three maps: England, Compact and Strip.

22 September 2016

Added Brussels Plan_Metro_Train_201604, dft essex-thameside, dft franchise bid west-midland-business-unit-map, londonlayout peter saxton tube, network uk map 2014, western_section_route_map_nov2013

7 September 2016

TOCs AS v20 Sept 2016 replaced TOCs AS v19 July HS2.

4 September 2016

Added Metrolink-system-map Aug 2016, Erie Canal map, USA EC canal map, Portugal mapa_rede, Slovakia map_large, Provincial Airways poster, Slovenia zemljevid_zeleznisko_omrezje_b, tfl-rail-map, walking-times-tube-map Aug 2016, steps-tube-map Aug 2016, xitaly_high_speed_train_map.png.pagespeed.ic.50NMGprJ_0, China high-speed-railway, China high-speed, China rail-routes, China railway

25 August 2016

Added: Romania Anexa 1a, carte_metro_rio_de_janeiro, carte_train_rio_de_janeiro, Finland long distance koko-suomi, Norway strekningskart-540, Turkey tcddharita

18 August 2016

Added 4186 Goldline map interactive 20130114, Albania HSH, Italy ENGL-RETE-COMPARTIMENTI-A3, NL Baanvaksnelheden, Denmark Railmap

11 August 2016

Created new ACoRP Community Rail Partnership maps page with 58 maps.

10 August 2016

Added High Speed UK map2-1, HSUK map

6 August 2016

Added highland_rover_map, ScotRail interactive map, spirit-of-scotland-map-1603

4 August 2016

Added NorthernConnectMap_July16, Leeds TramTrain Rail mag 8/2016, SW_Metro. Created new page 'Northern Hub/HS3' with northern-transport-strategy-spring-2016 map 1 and 2.

29 July 2016

Created new page for Liverpool Underground maps created by Kayla Bibby: LU-2022 A3, LU-2027 B23, LU-2030 B13, LU-2032 B23, LU-2037 B13, LU-2042 A1, LU-2047 B, LU-2050 A

18 July 2016

Added Metro-Map-Redo-23l, Utrecht Jug Cerovic

8 July 2016

Added HS2Y 4 (14.4d)

7 July 2016

Added TOCs AS v19 July HS2, Narnia Map Luke Morreau, GWR MAP December 2015, gwr station map 2016, GWR Xsanda

14 JUNE 2016

Added NSE Slatter 1992, Paris map Constantine Konovalov June 2016, Tehran, Tube bicycle map 2016, walking-tube-map

13 June 2016

Added AGA May 2016, B Doe railmap33, crossrail_regional_route_map_march_2014, elizabeth_line_cld-jan_2016_final, elizabeth_line_network_map-jan_2016_final, NL map photo May 2016, NL spoorkaart_2016_opA4, NL spoorkaartin, Rotterdam Mondrian, London D J Lowten 1965, London Slatter 1991, standard-tube-map May 2016, london-rail-and-tube-services-map 2016

Added Elizabeth line title to Crossrail page and Abellio to East Anglia page.

6 June 2016

Added TOCs AS v18 June 2016, West Midlands v3, TPX map 3 routes, TPX map 1, transpennine_route_map_2016_120416

16 May 2016

Updated to ProjectMapping9

Added TOCs AS v15 Jan 2016, TOCs AS v17 May 2016, TOCs v35 May 2016

25 April 2016

Added hong-kong-shenzhen-metro-subway-map, Seoul metro map (Jug), taipei-metro-subway-map, tehran-metro-subway-map, wien-vienna-metro-subway-u-bahn-map

24 April 2016

Added Dubai metro-map-mapimg, Hudson-Bergen Lightrail map, Karlsruhe 2014, Karlsruhe curvy, Karlsruhe L0SCHI_DEZ11_Internet 2011, Lisbon Metro, losttubebig, Manchester bands map, Tunnel Vision, wonderland_transitmap, Singapore mrt radial Yilan 2013, Singapore_MRT_and_LRT_System_Map (Afor1).svg, Singapore-Future-Railway-System-Map

23 April 2016

Added Berlin Zero per Zero, London 2 ZpZ

19 April 2016

Updated 20 Rover and Ranger maps.

18 April 2016

Updated previous versions to Derby v2, Edinburgh v3, Glasgow v3, Leeds v3, Liverpool v3, Manchester v4, Newcastle Sunderland v2

15 April 2016

Removed Ian Allan and Thomas Cook page links from Resource page.

14 April 2016

Changed access to Singapore map 15 directly from home page

10 April 2016

Added Jug to Links page. Added exploremetro-hk May 2012, FutureMTRNetworkAfterMerger, MTR Urban Rail, MTR_Map, MTR routemap, travelchinaguide-metro, Urban Rail 2

9 April 2016

Started Jug Cerovic page while adding his maps to appropriate pages.

Added paris-plan-metro-subway-map, berlin-metro-subway-u-bahn-map, munich-metro-subway-u-bahn-map, beijing-metro-subway-map, chengdu-metro-subway-map, guangzhou-metro-subway-map, hangzhou-metro-subway-map, shanghai-metro-subway-map, tianjin-metro-subway-map, wuhan-metro-subway-map, xian-metro-subway-map, delhi-metro-subway-map, mumbai-metro-subway-map, boston-metro-subway-map, new-york-city-metro-subway-map, san-francisco-bay-area-metro-subway-map, washington-metrorail-metro-subway-map, moscow-metro-subway-map, saint-petersburg-metro-subway-map, osaka-metro-subway-map, tokyo-metro-subway-map, buenos-aires-subte-metro-subway-map, sao-paulo-metro-subway-map, toronto-metro-subway-map, Great_Northern_route_map, Thameslink_route_map 2014

Duplicated zero-per-zero Paris map to France page.

Started new 'Map Designers' and Hong Kong pages.

8 April 2016

Added madrid-metro-subway-map, barcelona-metro-subway-map, mexico-metro-subway-map

7 April 2016

Replaced Singapore v14; added singapore-metro-mrt-subway-map Jug Cerovic), Singapore MRT LRT 15, Singapore Train System Map 23022016

6 April 2016

Added detail-singapore-city-mrt-lrt-route-map, Singapore Bernie Ng, Singapore_MRT__LRT_Network_2012, singapore_mrt_map 201, Singapore-MRT-LRT-Network-2015-2016

2 April 2016

Added Metrolink v7 SCX

1 April 2016

Added northern-our-network-map, northern-our-network-map-step-free, ARN summary map, ARN all stations map, dublinarea1, IE intercity, TSGN key map 1276, TSGN Network_Map FWT JAN 2016, TSGN Route_Map FWT JAN 2015, Ave_mapa, 1280px-Tram_&_Metro_Amsterdam_2016, Great_Northern_and_Thameslink_route_map 2016.pdf, Latvian rail map BriedisUnIzlietne, Mexico-City-Metro-Map-October-2015, Proposed 2018 Thameslink service pattern, Southern_Network_Map 2016

31 March 2016

Added TOCs v34 April 2016 and TOCs AS v16 April 2016.

Added new Belgium page and IC train map for NMBSSNCB Belgium - Imgur, Belgium map_intercity_en, Belgium, full2, Dutch rail map

29 March 2016

Added InterCity map 1989, Iron_silk_road (, austrail (, NSW intercity-trains-network-map, sydney (, china_hsr (Johomaps), china-bullet-train-map, chinarail (Johomaps).

25 March 2016

Modified London Overground page layout to bring 'fried egg' layout to top. Added ACoRP-Map-presentation-to-Minister picture.

13 March 2016

Updated all 8 ASLEF diary pages.

11 March 2016

Completely revised 'Elsewhere' to 'World and grouped counties by continents, many new pages. Updated website to version 8. Added new China page with 5 Beijing and 4 Shangai subway/metro maps, glasgow_subway_ext 2007, Crossrail 2 (MR 6/13), Caldervale WYMetro, Huddersfield WYMetro, Melbourne regional R&C map, Northern Victoria VLine map, Thamesclipper tmtbl map, VWC disruption map, FTPX tmtbl map

9 March 2016

Got 'search' working. Checked 'links' and re-ordered.

8 March 2016

Added 4 x TPX timetable maps, Bristol metro map, LO tmtbl maps x 2, Grand Central tmtbl map, Main/Bergen County tmtbl map, Montclair-Boonton tmtbl map, Morris & Essex tmtbl map, North East Corridor tmtbl map, North Jersey Coast tmtbl map, Path map Espaniol, Raritan Valley tmtbl map

2 March 2016

Completely updated Rovers & Rangers page, added two maps Explore Wales Flexipass and Cotswolds Discoverer

29 February 2016

Added Southern on-train map, India_railway_schematic_map solid, Gatwick Express map, LHR_Train_Map, Mark & Cam picture, Quickmap London 2016, Thameslink_route_map. Created new website development page

27 February 2016

Added London Rail v30

26 February 2016

Added indian-railway-map, Chennai_suburban_rail_map_large

22 February 2016

Added Boston Rapid Transit w Key Bus, London_South_East Dec 2015, NetworkRail_L_SEmap 2015, Glasgow roundabout, Melbourne night network, Χαρτης-Δικτυου1

19 February 2016

Added Rich Cousins London tube map, Transport for Scotland rail map (screengrab from web map)

11 February 2016

Added Southern v2

1 February 2016

Replaced Manchester 2 with v3. Also added to Greater Manchester page.

27 January 2016

Added LO in-car map Jan 2016, L&SE map SWT 2015, SWT in-car suburban map

10 January 2016

Added West Midlands 1.7 and v2 to West Mids page, changed W Mids map on NRE page. Changed Leeds/Bradford on NRE page. Added London_Rail_Tube_Map Jan 2016.

5 January 2016

Added SWT networkmap 15, SWTaccessibilitymap2015, SWTAdvancedFares2012, Grand Central Dec 2015, Great_Northern_and_Thameslink_route_map, liverpool_circles, london-metro-subway-tube-rail-map Jug Cerovic, london-metro-subway-tube-map Jug Cerovic 2, Metro_coving_map_Round_1_short, london-overground-network-map Oct 2015, NY RegionalDiagram, Southern network map Oct 2012, tfl-rail-map

4 January 2016

Added London Rail v29, London Over-Underground 26, standard-tube-map Jan 2016, dlr mainline-rail-connections 2012, dlr-route-map 2015

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