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Network outline
London tube train rail map

This map isn't new. Jug has just updated his 2015 map with some of TfLs symbolism - the interchange symbols and the white inlines in particular. He's discarded his perfect solution for all transit maps worldwide, perhaps this is to make his map more familiar to Londoners and TfL in the hope that he might have some success with it. 

This is clearly not Jugs final version as he's some tidying up to do. For example Southwark running over SE, captions too tight on Heathrow Express out of Paddington, layer issues. And what's going on at Seven Sisters - two stations on the Victoria?      

Parallel services/routes

An issue with TfLs Tube and Rail map is the rule to denote multiple services or lines running over the same route or track. Sometimes they touch, sometimes there is a space. So, for example, the Met and Circle run over the same tracks so the coloured lines touch. Jug has got his knickers in a twist here with the Met and Bakerloo sharing as far as St Johns Wood before diverging, Overground and London Northwestern sharing out of Euston before splitting, Victoria sharing with the Northern and Great Northern out of King's Cross. The Met and Piccadilly share the same tracks to Uxbridge yet these are shown separated. Touching lines are also problematic when they have a white inline, so his decision to include this style while also separating out services on the DLR is questionable. There's also Southeastern out of Blackfriars which touches correctly Thameslink, but here the inline indicates limited service. All a bit of a mess really.

• Balerloo line / Watford DC Overground  shown with gap


• Northern and Victoria touch Great Northern;
• LO / LNW run out of Euston touching then separate - echoes the same problem on the TfL map;
• Thameslink / GN have gap north of Finsbury Park;
• Blackfriars - Herne Hill Southeastern / Thameslink touching.

Geographic accuracy

There are also many examples of lines crossing at the wrong place. Maybe it doesn't matter underground but I would have thought it mattered where you can see out of the window, surely even a diagrammatic map should start from a position of geographic accuracy? Examples:

• Forest Gate wrong side of Goblin (plus layer issue Goblin goes under Elizabeth but over Greater Anglia);
• Walthamstow Queens Road wrong side of Overground;
• Bethnal Green wrong side of Overground ELL;
• West Hampstead Thameslink wrong side of Overground.

High Speed 1 doesn't run where shown, results in tight bend at Stratford, should be further north.

King' Cross and St Pancras are separate stations, unsatisfactory separate routing of Thameslink/GN from KC to Finsbury Park.

Peak hours only Greater Anglia service Hackney-Cheshunt via Seven Sisters shown as separate line some distance away from London Overground with which it shares the same track.

Heathrow Express different route to Elizabeth line although they use the same track.

The interchange symbol        

Use of LT interchange symbol raises the problem of how many lines can be incorporated - another full subject!

Layer issues

I wonder why National Rail is always shown as secondary to the Tube, the tube always goes over main lines on this map.

• Overground goes over Heathrow Express while Southern goes under north of Shepherd's Bush, 
• Bakerloo over Overground at Willesden Junction, London Northwestern under.


• Font / line thickness is smaller making the map less efficient than TfLs making it more open in appearance and making it easy to fit in station names etc.
• Paddington still not resolved;
• King's Cross and St Pancras main line stations shown as King's Cross St Pancras - whereas there are three separately named stations;
• Northern line Edgware branch could bend rather than Midland main line (again, tube takes priority);
• Mile End is cross platform interchange yet shown with long interconnector;
• Kennington doesn't show direction of travel at junction
• Victoria / Richmond contrasting
• Does one need the airport symbols at London terminals?

Not wishing to be too negative, the map is full of elegance too. Beautiful River Thames and Heathrow loop! The parks are great.  There are a lot of new and interesting solutions too and a big attempt to provide visual axis (ie Bakerloo Kilburn Park to Warwick Avenue lines up with the District).

Sorry Jug, I don't usually write such long reviews, but this isn't up to your usual high standard!

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