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site map
New schematic maps of the
Network outline
london-rail-and-tube-services-map May 2019


Blackfriars layout improved with south bank entrance

Kent House wrong side of Hayes branch

Annerley wrong side of Beckenham Junction branch

Shoreditch High Street wrong side of GEML Lea Valley line

Reeves Corner wrong side of Southern

North Acton wrong side of North London line

City Thameslink wrong side of Central line

Hex route past Ealing Broadway is wrong

Park Royal wrong side of Central line

LNR route past Queen's Park wrong

Swiss Cottage wrong side of WCML and South Hampstead wrong side of Jubilee line

North London line goes over MML and GNML and Moorgate branch and GEML not under (and many other crossing errors)

Marylebone and Edgware Road Bakerloo line wrong side of Circle line

Doesn't show walking route Bayswater to Queensway

St James Street wrong side of Stratford branch

Royal Oak wrong side of GWML


Changes from Dec 2018 to May 2019

Park Royal moved and walking route added

Layers corrected between GWML and WLL at Old Oak

Swiss Cottage moved wrong side of Watford DC line and LNR moved closer

'Towards Dorking and Guildford' instead of ' Towards Reigate and Dorking'

Kenley moved

Crystal Palace reduced to single interchange symbol

St Paul's - City Thameslink walking route added, Chancery Lane and City Thameslink moved 

Walking route Caledonia Road - Caledonian Road & Barnsbury added

Walking route from Manor House added to Harringay Green Lanes - Harringay route

Thameslink moved to left of GNML with better layout reducing number of crossings

New Southgate and Bowes Park moved

Potters Bar added

'Towards Welwyn Garden City and Stevenage' instead of 'Towards Welwyn Garden City'

'Towards Hertford North' changed to 'Towards Watton-at-Stone'

Cuffley, Bayford and Hertford North added

Hertford East branch moved towards Hertford North

Upminster changed from 3 interchange circles to 2

Brockley moved to zone 2

Epsom added

Radlett added

Meridian Water added

Limited service Southern service added Mitcham Eastfields to Streatham

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