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New schematic maps of the

Design consultancy

Project Mapping can design maps for organisations of any size, either bespoke or based on Project Mappings existing suite of UK templates. Project have worked with many members of the rail industry and have a full portfolio of successful projects.


Andrew Smithers
Mr Mappy
19 Trinity Drive
Staffs ST15 8ET


Network Topologies
Michael Roberts


Maps on this site not designed by Project Mapping were scanned in from printed material, downloaded from other sites or supplied by others. Every effort has been made to establish the owner, source and date of original design (or date seen) but this has not always been possible.

No profit is made from the collation of these maps into one location, the aim being to provide a resource that will enable comparison and further understanding of rail map design.

The maps shown on this site are protected by the copyright and trade mark laws of the UK, United States and other countries.

Although you are encouraged to access the maps on this site, you are very likely to need permission from the owner before using them for any purpose other than viewing on the web.

For permissions to use a map, please contact the image owner as indicated on the map or caption.

Mr Mappy
Michael Roberts, Chief Executive ATOC, with map in background and interesting head gear
George Muir
MrMappy and The Master, Max Roberts at the launch of his latest book Tube Map Travels at Stanfords, London, December 2019
George Muir, previous Chief Executive ATOC, with map in background wearing matching shirt
George Muir
Mr Mappy
Andrew and 'Cam', Cameron Booth the Mapster-in-Chief in Portland Oregon in May 2019
George Muir Mr Mappy
Mr Mappy at Sydney
Mr Mappy A younger Mr Mappy
Andrew by Manga
Andrew by Sydney
Mark Ovendum and Cameron Booth in New York after map presentation at NY Subway museum November 2015
Andrew by his mother 1969
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