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TOCs 21.2 Dec 2008 20/12/07

Extended Southern to Milton Keynes. Extended Northern to Nottingham for new Nottingham-Leeds fast service. Ref MR December 2007.

TOCs 19.2 2007-8 20/12/07

Corrected Gloucester-Cardiff from London Midland to Cross Country, added Paignton, Bromsgrove, Glasgow and Nottingham to Cross Country. I don’t believe CrossCountry map showing Stafford-Crewe via Stoke. Added Crewe to East Midlands. Ref MR December 2007. Changed East Coast to Bradford from Interchange to Forster Square (also on 19.1 12/1/08). Added ATW to Cheltenham Spa ref Rail 580.

Reopening 13.7 13/12/07

Made Ebbw Vale Parkway open, added proposed extension to Ebbw Vale Town and proposed Abertillery branch from Aberbeeg, made branch turn towards Cardiff. Ref MR December 2007.

TOC maps from December 2008 7/11/07

Added Cross Country Nottingham - Cardiff.

All TOC maps from December 2007 7/11/07

Added FGW Taunton - Cardiff service and removed SWT to Brighton.

All TOC maps from December 2007 and RailNetMap 15.9 7/11/07

Removed King’s Cross Thameslink as new St Pancras underground station opening.

15.8 RailNetMap ATOC XMas card 31/10/07

Glasgow to Troon via Paisley should be shown as a regional line (actually Trans European Network); Eaglescliffe to Middlesbrough should be main line and Stockton- Middlesbrough as as regional; add Poulton-le-Fylde; Hebden Bridge-Manchester and Victoria to Liverpool should be regional; Reading has two stations on more than one line; Milford to Clarbeston should be regional; Maidstone E, Canterbury W and Ramsgate - Dover should be regional; Eastbourne - Hastings should be regional; add Bexhill; Poole-Weymouth should be main line.

Ref the ‘limited service’ problem, going back over my notes, I now remember that originally, many years ago, limited service was those lines where there is only one train a week in one direction to prevent the railways having to seek permanent closure orders, I remember there was an Act of Parliament that created this procedure.Lines: Stockport - Stalybridge and the Halton curve at Runcorn. The other lines on the map were summer only: Clitheroe - Hellifield and the Oakhampton branch.

Other limited services seem to be direct rush-hour commuter services: Arundel - Littlehampton, Fife.

Other limited service lines that have sprung up since then seea few trains at random times:

Lines: Chiltern into Paddington, Nottingley - Goole.

I don't where the Gainsborough line fits in as it has three trains on Saturdays only.

But from the above I suggest the following:

1 Remove the first group as we don't want to run trains there. (Delete Stockport - Stalybridge, Runcorn not there anyway). Agree

2 IncludeClitheroe - Hellifield (also a charter and major diversionary route) and the Oakhampton branch as limited service. Show neither

3 Include the direct commuter services (Fife and Littlehampton) as local routes. Agree

4 Find out the reason for the other odd service patterns above to help us decide what to do. Agree, but later after passenger research

5 I think up to three trains a day is ok for the Swinton line, Frodsham, Trowbridge. Agree

6 Avoiding lines: might as well include these as I don't want a passenger being concerened that they've missed Swansea, Carmarthern when the map shows they should have gone through these stations. Agree

Research on airports has thrown this list up.

Aberdeen Taxi from Dyce Exclude

Birmingham Shuttle bus Include

Blackpool 5 mins walk from Squires Gate or taxi to North stn Exclude

Bournemouth Very poor bus service Exclude

Bristol Good quality coach to Temple Meads Include

Cardiff Free shuttle bus from stn Include

Coventry Poor hourly bus exclude

Durham Tees Direct free shuttle from Darlington include

East Mids Half houly buses from Nottingham, Derby and Loughborough

Edinbugh Frequent high quality services Include

Exeter Hourly bus to St Davids Exclude?

Gatwick Include

Glasgow 'Frequent' bus to Paisley Gilmore Street (and to city centre) Include

Heathrow Include

Humberside Hourly buses weekdays only Exclude

Inverness Not clear Exclude

Leeds/Bradford Half hourly from Bradford Interchange and Leeds City

Liverpool Bus Include

Luton Constant free shuttle Include

Newcastle On Metro Include as Direct?

Norwich Hourly bus Exclude

Prestwick own station Include

Ramsgate (Manston / Kent International) Exclude

Southampton Include

Southend Exclude

Stanstead Include

Exclude connections to stations further away (eg Colchester - Stanstead, Stevenage - Heathrow, Luton - Heathrow)?

Initially I divided the quality of the link into three categories

Direct Gatwick, Heathrow, Manchester, Prestwick, Southampton, Stanstead

Shuttle Free: Cardiff, Birmingham, Darlington, Luton

Coach link Paid for longer distance: Bristol, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds/Bradford, Liverpool

We could have three shades ofairplane symbol and dump the coach symbol? Or that may be too complex and the coach symbol is obvious so on the attached pdf I've combined the first two.

The two airports that don't follow this rule are Newcastle (as its on the Metro) and Darlington which is a free shuttle but is quite long.

The same applies to Ferries/Ports but there are only two options:

All these ports have direct transfer: Harwich, Newhaven, Portsmouth, Ryde, Lymington, Pembroke Dock, Fishguard, Holyhead, Heysham, Stranraer, Ardrossan, Wemyss Bay, Gourock, Oban, Mallaig

While these do not have a transport link at all: Dover, Folkestone, Southampton, Poole, Liverpool, Troon, Thurso, Aberdeen.

I've also added Swansea, Hull, Plymouth and Weymouth which are not currently shown.

Please note change to key for these items and loss of RailAir brand.

Ref 'Limited service' I've taken Okehampton off as it is not even on National rail website, butrecommend we retain the other lines as they exist and are part of the network.

Version for ATOC Christmas card: changes at their request:

Wrexham & Shropshire routes – don’t include on this map as they won’t be announcing a start date until the New Year and it’s still unclear when services will commence.

Swansea – I don’t believe there is a real need to include the line that bypasses Swansea

Airport Interchanges – Query on how airport interchanges are being classified e.g. Aberdeen Airport is still 5 mins cab ride from Dyce but has a symbol, where Durham Tees airport is only 5 miles from Darlington and has a shuttle bus but is not marked. Perhaps we should only include an airport interchange where there is an airport with international services? Edinburgh Airport symbol is currently grey, so needs to be changed to red.

Railair coach links – please include these on the large scale map and reference them in the key

Classification of routes – In the short term could we remove ‘limited services’ and represent these as local routes. Will keep looking at classification for these but accept that this may be difficult to get agreement on before the deadline for the Xmas Card. I will seek the views of some of my colleagues who have an in depth knowledge of the network and see what they say.

Regarding the key references to London Underground and places with multiple stations, could we reduce the image size within the key. I will put the next proof in front of G and see if this is an alternative to removing them altogether.

Please could the following National Rail Enquiries text be included on the map (perhaps under the key):

National Rail Enquires – Up to minute train info, fares and much more available at:

24 hour contact centre 08457 48 49 50

Automated TrainTracker 0871 200 4950

SMS TrainTracker - text “[station name] to [station name]” to 48 49 50

In regards to the ATOC logo, perhaps this would be best moved either to the left of Blackpool or, once the key has been tied up, centred under the key. It doesn’t look quite right at the moment where it is, so could you make a recommendation from a design point of view where this would be best presented?

15.7 RailNetMap 26/10/07

Version for ATOC Christmas card: changes at their request:

- Map title should be replaced with National Rail logo as per diary map. Please also add the ATOC logo to the map. Done

- Remove reference to disability access at specific stations. Done

- Remove reference and routes identified as under construction. Done

- Keep ‘Not all stations shown’ as a discreet note in the key but remove the note below ‘Termini, junctions…’. Done

- Remove key note and text referring to ‘Lines and services not open’. Done

- Please update airport interchange & ferry interchanges as per the diary map. See later

- Geographic location of Cardiff needs to reviewed. OK

- Glasgow – can the stations be represented closer together like you have done with Kings Cross and St Pancras? Difficult at the moment

- G is happy to keep the references in blue, but I would prefer if there is no reference in the key and they are just treated as points of interest on the map. Primary reason is that current TOCs may not refer to these lines in this way. Also, while I understand that ‘East Coast’ or ‘Great Eastern’ are traditional route names, I question the use of ‘Scotrail’ to name the routes between ‘Perth – Inverness’ and ‘Edinburgh – Glasgow’ as I understand that this was a post-privatisation name that refers to all rail routes in Scotland. Agree - removed Scotrail from both locations but added Highland

Other changes for consideration:

- Classification of routes – would you consider changing to just three categories ‘Mainline Routes’, ‘Regional Routes’ and ‘Local Routes’ and provide a brief description of means of classification (as I know we will get queried why a line from London to Southend with a service at least every 10 – 15mins is noted as a ‘Local Line’). Under consideration

- Should we use the letter key for the London Terminals like we have done on the diary map? Prefer not to as this is one of the benefits of this map - London terminals in position - only St Pancras is a visual problem

- Remove reference to London Underground Circle Line and Glasgow Underground. No - Many people have remarked how useful the circle line is in London to anchor the terminals and make cross-London transfer look easier. Also, the colour helps (like the pink) to brighten up the map. Has had good comments, but could remove the Glasgow underground

- Remove grey box around London as all current National Rail lines through London are marked.It has been a great achievement to be able to include all lines (and it means it - even every Strathclyde line) - this caption makes the point.

- ‘Cairngorms’ is the mountain range, ‘Cairngorm’ is a single peak – not sure which one you meant to refer to? Changed to Grampians

Additional NRE info; add Insch; add Ravenglass for Eskdale; remove Wells from Llanrtyd; add Olympia to Kensington; add Garden City to Welwyn; Lea, not Lee Road; remove Royal from Tunbridge Wells; add Junction to Georgemas; make Tyndrum Upper and Lower; add Town to Stourbridge; discussed adding International to all Eurostar stations but decided against it as space wasting and repetitive; remove Stratford International (although greyed) not open until 2012; remove Ebbsfleet-Dartford link; add North Lakes to Penrith; add -on-Thames to Henley; move Moor Street towards Birmingham; check named-routes against National Rail website so added Penistone Line and St Ives Line; correct spelling to Dearne Valley; correct positiong for Ayr Line; correct spelling on Airedale Line; made Dovey Jnctn non nodal but geographic; removed Cross Country from routes as a brand not a route.

15.6 RailNetMap 6/10/07

Made Ebbw Vale open; added Thame Bridge - Stechford line and Central to Telford and changed Shifnal to Cosford (due to Wrexham & Shropshire). Added Swansea avoiding line as ATW run some trains this way avoiding Swansea. Added Corby as a line re-op ening under new East Midlands franchise. (Modern Railways Oct 2007). Altered Northumberland coastline.

TOCs v19, v20, v21, v10

Based on new station shape rules developed for v19, re-did v10 which shows franchisees up till December 2007. Then made v20 (spring 2008) adding Wrexham, Shropshire and Marylebone Railway. Then made v21 (December 2008), removing Cross Country Brighton line services from Reading. In process of making v22 (December 2010) when Lincoln is added to East Coast.

14.5 ACoRP 24/9/07

Added list of community rail partnerships. Updated Lines and stations to open.

8.8D 23/9/07

Request from ATOC to make all lines same width. Also made airport symbol larger and bolder, modified coast at Severn Tunnel and Llandudno Jnct (to make caption better). Other cleaning up.


8.7D 17/9/07

Request from ATOC 14/9/07 with my response in italic

• Pleased to be able to add Chiltern route to Kidderminster, this was quite difficult.

• Map needs to be looked at at A6 as we are suffering ‘inclusion creep’ – lots of minor lines being added which are not ‘structural’.

• Obviously TOCs are asking for different levels of detail – for example, Southern TOCs and ATW are relaxed, but Chiltern, Merseyrail are batting hard but are too demanding.

Can of worms 1:

Adding Aylesbury and Hertford

Then we should have a wider spread of London commuter routes, for example, Tilbury, Uckfield, East Grinstead, Alton, Maidstone, Clacton, Horsham etc etc. But this is not a commuter map.

Can of worms 2:

Adding Wakefield – Huddersfield

There are many lines in this area left out for simplicity including Barnsley, so its difficult to see why this route is more importamt than others.

Too small to count

West Kirby, Dunbar, Whitby.

But south-east looks empty – to make the map look more ‘even’ – important – we could add Tilbury, Clacton.

Haven’t got any outstanding issues from previous stages, if you’ve repeated the request I’ve generally caved in and actioned it!




Add route to Sheringham (one). Done, plus Cromer

Add route to West Kirby (Merseyrail). Too tight now added South Parkway

Add route to Aylesbury (Chiltern). Too minor – not structural

Add Birmingham – Worcester via Kidderminster route (Chiltern). Done and changed Snow Hill to Moor Street as this is actually south of New Street and closer for interchange

Add route to Stratford-on-Avon (Chiltern & Central). No room

Add Heart of Wales Line (Arriva). Done – have added Llanelli

Add route to Blaenau Festiniog (Arriva). Done

Add route to Whitby (Northern). No, only 4 or 5 trains a day, also a can of worms as then what about Saltburn, Bishop Aukland?

Add Cambridge – Bury St. Edmunds route (one). Done

Add Broxbourne – Hertford route (one). Too minor

Add Worksop – Nottingham route (Central). Done, but don’t like the ’ inclusion creep’ here

Add Lincoln – Peterborough via Sleaford (Central). Done including to Doncaster (same frequency)

Remove Leeds – Goole route (Northern). Done

Add Huddersfield – Wakefield route (Northern). No – but in danger of then having to add all the other routes in the area Barnsley and to Halifax and the other Wakefield route etc.

Add Chester – Manchester route (Northern). Done, but not sure as there is a lot of simplification in Lancashire and I’m not sure this rural mid-Cheshire route deserves inclusion – have added Altrincham

Route from Northallerton – Middlesbrough should come off at more of an angle so junction is Y shaped (Northern). Previously rejected - can’t do as the whole point is to simplify routes into straight lines and avoid additional angles


Add Liverpool South Parkway station with symbol reference for Liverpool John Lennon Airport (Merseyrail). Done

Add Newbury station (FGW). Done

Add Chelmsford station (one). Done

Add Hertford station (one). No – might have to add First Capital Connect Hertford Loop then too

Add Motherwell station (GNER). Done

Add Dunbar station (GNER). That’s a bit small isn’t it? Not strategic



Middlesbrough is located south of current position on mouth of the Tees and location of Scarborough should be adjusted accordingly (Northern). Previously sorted by making coast straight

Change ‘Continental Europe via Channel Tunnel’ ‘Services to France & Europe’. Done

Add mention that map is diagrammatic or illustrative only. Not sure – not done on LT map – how about putting title back in as ‘Network outline diagram’?


TOC19 9/07

Brand new map based on V15.4 showing TOCs in different colours. Previously I had thought this too difficult but upon experimenting with the most difficult areas (London, Birmingham, Lancashire) I found it possible after all. Another problem was the stations as these would have to bound the number of lines coming in, in places up to six (Manchester Piccadilly). It took five days to work out how to do this satisfactorily based on the smallest, circular station. There is a map like this produced by Barry Doe but it gives up completely in busy areas, is not consistent and is a poor piece of cartography. I used a pallette of 10 colours to avoid any same colours ajoining and TOC names in the same coloured boxes alongside to avoid the need to have a key. Based on the latest franchises where Virgin had lost Cross Country and Central and Midland had been reconfiguered as East and West Midlands. Also included open access operators. Posted to George Muir at ATOC 12 September.


8.6D 8/07

As requested by ATOC changes to Diary map followed by my response

TOC Requests for Small Scale Map Changes August 2007

Changes requested by TOCs

Merseyrail: Add route from Liverpool to Chester. Done

Chiltern: Add 'Spa' on Leamington Spa. Done

Northern: Can the junction with the East Coast Mainline at Northallerton be made more of a fork with the line to Middlesbrough going off at more of an angle? Difficult but will look at

Middlesbrough needs to be further south to the mouth of the Tees and the location of Scarborough adjusted accordingly. Fair point. On the Leeds - Wakefield – Sheffield route: Position of Wakefield means the geography of the lines south of Leeds is out. Wakefield is pretty much south of Leeds and the straightening of the route to Sheffield is an advantage of the map - the geographical route is sinuous as a result of rationalisation after Beeching. Route from Leeds south east to Goole is more of a goods line, so please remove. Cath can you query this as I believe there is a half hourly service all day. Add Selby on York to Hull route. Done. Add the spur from the ECML south to Selby (from York). Done. Move Preston (the station name) to the other side of the WCML. Add route from Bolton to Blackburn and add Blackburn station. Have added Blackburn and new route but treated type differently.

Virgin: Routes meeting at Nuneaton should intersect rather than one overtop of the other. Done.

Arriva: Add the Heart of Wales Line but don’t mark any stations. Not practical as Wales is squashed up to make map narrow for diaries - also it's a very minor local line and hasn't appeared on previous maps.

TransPennine Express: Sheffield and Stockport should be changed to a principal route. Done

First Great Western: Add Exeter to Exmouth route and add Exmouth station. Done

c2c: Change Fenchurch St and Liverpool St to Southend to principal routes. Both these routes are stopping at all stations and are hardly principal but you could force me particularly on the Liverpool St route

Other: Northallerton to Middlesbrough should be principal route. Done

Middlesbrough to Sunderland not a principal route. It will be in September when Grand Central start running three HSTs a day to London.

The following routes were previously marked as principal routes, so should be changed: Victoria to Margate, Brighton and Dover. Done. Charing Cross to Hastings and Dover. Done

Thameslink (Bedford/Luton to Brighton). Not done, as this would spoil the appearance of Central London and is difficult cartographically to implement around Kings Cross.

Paddington to Heathrow. Done

Liverpool St to Stansted Airport. Done

Add route from Grantham to Skegness and add Skegness station. Done

Remove route from GW Main Line to East Croydon. Done

Channel Tunnel line should say ‘Services to France & other European destinations’ or similar. Not ‘Continental Europe’. I've been told Continental Europe is geographically correct, but please give me your preferred form of words and I'll insert them

Other changes that were requested but NOT to be implemented for small scale map:

Merseyrail: Add route from Liverpool to West Kirby on the Wirral Peninsula.

Chiltern: Add Marylebone-Aylesbury route, add Birmingham - Worcester via Kidderminster route, add Stratford-upon-Avon.

Northern: Add the Esk Valley Line, add route between Huddersfield and Wakefield, add Chester to Manchester via Stockport - need to take care around Manchester Airport.

Arriva: Add Blaenau Festiniog line, sympathetic

First Great Western: Add Newbury station, sympathetic, add High Wycombe station, add Tamworth and Burton on Trent, sympathetic. Add Wilmslow, sympathetic. Add route from Grimsby to Cleethorpes.

Other: Add Norwich to Sheringham routes, sympathetic.

Add Looe, East Grinstead, Uckfield and Merseyrail routes.

Add Gunnislake route.

Add Goole sympathetic.

Add Colchester to Clacton route, sympathetic.

Add Machynlleth station, sympathetic.

Add Telford station, sympathetic.

Add Chatham station, sympathetic.

Add Carmarthen station, sympathetic.


8.5.1D 24/7/07

Modified as requested by ATOC as follows:

• Now we've added Central to Southampton theoretically it shouldn't have an airport interchange symbol (as this is Southampton Airport Parkway)? Agree, please delete symbol.

• I've additionally changed Ayr to Prestwick (plus airport symbol). Fine

•NR logo will end up smaller than allowed (40mm in guidelines) but that seams to be ok looking at previous examples and the strap line would be illegible so I've put it in two lines. The strapline for the National Rail logo cannot be changed to two lines. We have previously made an exception on logo size for the National Rail Map (e.g. for the A7 map it was only approx 25mm in width), so please use the National Rail logo with the strapline and we will revise this decision if the strapline is completely unreadable for some sizes.

• I considered using the corporate blue but it looks a bit dark and grubby. Fine that the routes are marked in the blue previously used on our maps, but the National Rail logo should not be used in this colour, please change the logo to black.

• Margate or Ramsgate to be resolved. Margate please. The number of services etc for both stations is similar, so in order to choose we have based the decision on population of each town and Margate has the higher population.

• I've created a Railair link coach symbol. Thank you. Suggest that the key wording be changed to ‘Railair coach link with Heathrow Airport’ as this is the standard across other rail maps and the NRT.

• Kent and Cornwall now better proportioned, the London 'oval' is larger, Thameslink better described. Thank you.

The following changes and additions are also required:

• Valley Lines – why is the name in blue? While I understand that it describes a grouping of routes, I would prefer to keep all text consistent in black.

• Suggest that the size of the Key can be reduced as it does dominate the left side of the map.

• The London Terminals section seems disjointed from the rest of the Key. Could be due to the difference in font size or that both the symbol and the station name are in bold. Alternatively, you could consider including the London Station references in individual boxes as per the previous National Rail map.


8.5P&D 8/7/07

After meeting with ATOC Friday 6 July, made following changes to suit their requirements.

Add strap line to National Rail logo

Delete ‘Network outline’

Change ‘lines’ to routes in the line ‘Not all stations or routes shown’ and reduce prominence.

Include following reference: National Rail Enquiries 08457 48 49 50

Delete the following stations: Dingwall Crianlarich Carstairs Selby Huddersfield Goole

Rotherham Macclesfield Chesterfield Loughborough Telford Burton Tamworth Huntingdon Stowmarket Bishops Stortford Great Malvern Faversham Havant Wincester Kensington Olympia Chelmsford

Add the following stations: Durham Margate Watford Junction (can just be Watford if issue with space)

Add the following routes and stations

St Ives and add route from Penzance

Isle of Wight route, showing Shanklin and Ryde

Change ‘Berwick’ to ‘Berwick-upon-Tweed’

Change ‘Oxenholme’ to ‘Oxenholme Lake District’

Change ‘Cheltenham’ to ‘Cheltenham Spa’

Change ‘Southampton’ to ‘Southampton Central’

Change ‘Birmingham International’ to small font

Add reference to ‘Valleys’ routes in Wales

Make ‘Temple Meads’ in ‘Bristol Temple Meads’ small font (this could also be used for other long station names where the principle town/city name is followed by an identifier e.g. Southampton Central

Change the following routes to principal routes:

Basingstoke to Exeter via Yeovil, Waterloo to Portsmouth via Guildford, Marylebone to Birmingham, Kings Cross to Cambridge, Cambridge to East Coast Mainline

Add the following secondary routes: Lowestoft to Norwich, Hull to Scarborough

Weston-super-Mare is it’s own route off principal route between Taunton to Bristol Temple Meads

Mark main London stations with first letter only and provide key with full names as follows:

Charing Cross C

Euston E

Fenchurch St F

Kings Cross K

Liverpool St L

Marylebone M

Paddington P

St Pancras S

Victoria V

Waterloo W

Geographic positioning of some stations may be an issue, specifically the following examples:

Newport – Cardiff – Swansea. Glasgow is inland not based around an inlet. Location of Chester should be directly below Liverpool. Luton and Bedford are shown as north of Northampton when Luton is south of Milton Keynes and Luton north of Milton Keynes

Other airport interchanges that could be have key reference: Southampton

Key symbol can be added for Railair coach links and positioned on the map beside: Watford Junction, Reading, Woking (although this station is currently not marked on the map)

I improved proportions of Cornwall and Kent, alignment of Thameslink, increased size of London oval, added Woking and London Bridge, changed Ayr to Prestwick, created a Railair link coach symbol.


15.5 3/8/07

Station renamings added: Clacton-on-Sea and Walton-on-the-Naze. Added Hoveton & Wroxham. Added West Somerset Railway (as limited service, three days a week 20 July - 27 August) and Minehead - new summer Bristol - Butlins service (Modern railways Aug 2007).


REOP 13.6 15/6/07

Added Tavistock as at the end of Ealing Community Trust proposal for reopening (Rail magazine June 07).


8.4P&D 17/4/07

Removed stations Clapham Junction, Bromley South, Haslemere, Kettering, Woking,Watford Junction. Resubmitted to ATOC by email.


8P 7/3/07

Remake of 7.9P for meeting with ATOC, made CTRL to St Pancras with mods to Gt eastern and South Eastern to fit. Added Waterloo East, Ebbsfleet, Torquay, Leamington, Hexham, Newhaven branch. Altered Kilmarnock. Enlarged Glasgow, contracted edges to make thinner for narrow diaries. Altered Birmingham-Coventry-Banbury to move Gt Central away from Euston caption. Removed Circle Line and made London grey. Made Channel tunnel hatched. Moved and enlarged key. After several re-works became 8.0, 8.1, 8.2 then 8.3. Made bridges 1pt. Created Ghost and Skeleton versions. Met ATOC 15 March and presented to George Muir and Andrew Robertson. Did no-cost deal, worked with Richard Francis on 17th April to thrash out detail on deal - saw George Muir and Andrew again briefly showed them new TOC version.


15.4 18/1/07

Made Stratford International not yet open (and on key). Put Bourne End on two lines. Added reference to ‘type of stations included’ in key. Decided to review which stations were included between termini or nodes and decided as a result to include a lot more as follows: Bodmin Parkway, Keyham. Made Axminster Crewkerne as larger. Added Crawley, Sandown, Severn Tunnel Junction, Lydney, Rye, Pontypool, Charlbury, Aldershot, Orpington, Potters Bar, Rayleigh, Haverfordwest, Llanwrtyd Wells, Builth Road, Ledbury, Saxmundham, Woodbridge, Tywyn, Criccieth, Melton Mowbray, Stamford, Downham Market, Attleborough, Wymondham, Acle, Hope, Heswall, Northwich, Sandbach, Birchwood, Chorley, Darwin, Bootle, Conisbrough, Adwick, Todmorden (by making the Oldham loop smaller), Whalley, Nelson, Keighley, Guiseley, Brough, Filey, Driffield, Girvan, Haltwhistle, Garelochhead, Airdrie, Linlithgow, Alnmouth, Arrochar & Tarbet, Polmont, Tyndrum, Rannoch, Markinch, Glenfinnan, Arbroath, Stonehaven, Inverurie, Spean Bridge, Plockton, Stromeferry, Strathcarron, Blair Atholl, Kingussie, Achnasheen, Nairn, Forres, Keith, Invergordon, Tain, Helmsdale and respaced as necessary. Made Eastbourne large. Moved Gatwick Airport plane symbol to right of caption. Moved Conway Valley line captions to right of line. Added Fen Line caption below Kings Lynn. Made ‘Coninental Europe’ italic. Added bridges at Retford and Shotton. Subsequently removed Polmont and Birchwood as too congested and confusing.


15.3 9/1/07

Added stations where non-level access road to platform meant wheel chair a ccess not possible. Corrected Maryhill branch (goes through to Westerton, not a dead end branch). Added Holytown and loop from Carluke via Wishaw including Motherwell - Newton via Belshill; as a result had to lose Cathcart station and caption, alterations around Springburn and Shotts line - added Kirknewton. Altered angle of Central low level line junction with WCML at Cambuslang. Flushed Stoke-on-Trent caption left to right of WCML. Moved Central Wales line to right to stop conflict with ‘Carmarthen’ caption. Angled Ebbw Vale branch. Moved Marston Vale line down to give more room for Milton Keynes caption. Altered junctions at Lea Bridge to make more symetrical - this also made Stansted nearer Cambridge - better. Altered Bristol oval to two connected - better than previous solution using overlarge oval with cutout for Severn Beach. Added Central to Folkestone (moving Ashford caption too). Added Airport Parkway to Luton. Changed Letchworth to Royston. Added Town to Tilbury. Transposed Dorchester West and South to make correct. Angled Yeovil Pen Mill at 11.25º to Castle Cary to make Weymouth - Bath service more visible, including separating Dorchester West and South stations. Angled Ebbw Vale branch 11.25º. Moved Watford - St Albans north and re-angled the relationship between the two St Albans stations. Added link between GW and LNWR in Birmingham showing the route of some Virgin Cross Country trains between Leamington and Birmingham via Solihull (shown as a regional route). Made all ship symbols smaller. Added Harbour to Stranraer. Added Central to Dumbarton. Added Town to Dunfermline. Added Bourne End and reversal. Added Eggesford. Moved North London line slightly West to allow Euston caption to breathe better. Moved Haywards Heath down to allow more space around captions above. Changed Colchester Town such that direct London - Clacton services can be shown bypassing the station. Moved Mayflower line nearer coast, moving main line to Norwich and Cromer branch East in the process. Made opening date for Grand Central service May 2007.


13.5reop 23/1/07

Added York - Bevereley reopening proposal (Rail 555 Dec 06) by East Riding Copuncil. Added Bentley - Bordon reopening proposal (Rail 555 Dec 06) by Bordon’s transport group. Added Merseyrail reopening proposals for Bootle-Aintree, Edge Hill-Bootle and St Helens Junction-StHelens Central. Rail 557 Jan 2007.

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