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New schematic maps of the





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Added SE limited service Herne Hill - Loughborough Junction
New coastline with 5 layers
Added Grand Central caption to Birmingham
Added Southsea-Gosport ferry
Removed ‘northbound only’ from Stockport-Stalybridge
Coloured Edinburgh tram, Blackpool tram, NET and West Midlands Metro in corporate colours
L&M-WCML link at Wigan remodelled
Made WMR Birmingham International - Coventry limited service

Rail map v26 Jan 2018 anagram 1 July 2018

Changed Yak Tram to My Streaks.

TOCs AS v32 June 2018 17 June 2018

VTEC becomes LNER
Added SWR limited service to Corfe Castle
Maghull North shown open
Changed sea colour to match TOC map and graduation of coasts

v46 June 2018 17 June 2018

Corrected Peterborough-Spalding-Lincoln

London Rail v33 14 June 2018

Updated Thameslink with Canal curve, GN, North Kent and East Grinstead routes, removed Tulse Hill route. Showed TfL Rail to Heathrow open. Changed colour codes for LNR and SWR. Remodelled Canary Wharf / Custom House. Other updates: Lea Road open, additional LNR and TL stops; SWR Hounslow loop shape.

TOCs v45j May 2018

Added WMR via Kenilworth.

TOCs v45i May 2018

TL into King's Cross.

TOCs AS v31d May 2018

Belvedere -  SE only, Woolwich Dockyard - SE only, Horley -  TL call, Salfords -  TL call, Earlswood -  TL call, South Croydon - TL call, Un-dot line between Horsham and Three Bridges, made the line for Greater Anglia between Ely and King's Lynn a dotted line limited service

Rail map 15D May 2018

TPX (to Stalybridge) and ATW via Chat Moss; TL to Cambridge/Peterborough; Colour codes; London Midland to LNR, LNR via Kenilworth; Made lines thinner

TOCs AS v31c May 2018 2 May 2018

Removed TPX from Wigan; Corrected/improved Canary Wharf and Custom House interchanges; added Thameslink into King's Cross

TOCs v45h May 2018 2 May 2018

Removed TPX from Wigan, added Thameslink to King's Cross (including layout change up to Peterborough).

Manchester v9 12 May 2018

Removed TPX CLC and Piccadilly throat; Put Manc United on branch ; made Northern Stalybridge- Leeds limited service; Added those staions to TPX; Made Ordsall chord TPX

Liverpool 5 12 May 2018

Removed TPX via CLC; Added Lea Green, Newton-le-Wilows to TPX; Added Maghull North opening date. TPX don’t stop at Wigan

TPX map 5 14 May 2018

Added Habrough, new stations between Stalybridge and Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester, Garforth, Seamer, removed Wigan

TPX map 4 7 May 2018

Removed Warrington route and Habrough and added Ordsall chord.

TPX map 4 routes 7 May 2018

Corrected missing Midllesbrough route between Leeds and York and replaced v3.

West Midlands v6 2 May 2018

Kenilworth shown open

Rail map v27 May 2018 26 April 2018

Added Hamsted-Soho line and removed Smethwick
Changed ferry from Stranraer to Ayr
Made Motherwell-Holytown-Carluke, Morecambe and Corby-Oakham limited service
Added Ordsall chord
Altered Manc Airport / Altrincham line relationship
Added HS2; added Elizabeth line; amends to South Wales/England to accomodate above
Made London Bridge a main station; Changed bold city names to black font
Made Stranraer and Fishguard not principle station
Made Bickley slips similar to Windsor Bridge
Moved Chat Moss line up together with other adjustments to make LSP and Ordsall chord more visable

TOCs v45d May 2018 2 May 2018

Made VWC Blackpool route full service; removed Northern Ordsall chord, added SWR Yeovil-Weymouth limited service.

TOCs AS v31 May 2018 2 May 2018

Thameslink : Herne Hill - Shortlands removed; added Norwood Junction stop to Thameslink; addded limited service to East Grinstead, full service to Rainham; made Cambridge and Peterborough full service
TfL takes over Heathrow Connect, adds Acton Main Line stop
TransPennine Express : now using Ordsall Chord; removed CLC route through Warrington; removed Ardwick - Oxford Road; added Lea Green and Newton-le-Willows stops; added Stalybridge - Leeds station stops
Northern : removed Ordsall Chord route; made Stalybridge - Huddersfield limited service
GWR : Added Emsworth, Southbourne, Angmering and Portslade
SWR : Added limited service Yeovil-Weymouth
Virgin WC : Made Blackpool full service
WNMR : Kenilworth shown open

TOCs v45d May 2018 15 April 2018

Removed TPX CLC route, made Northern Guide Bridge-Stalybridge-Huddersfield limited service, changed city graphics

West Midlands v5 12 April 2018

Added Camp Hill line stations and modified kenilworth station opening date information.

TOCs v45c May 2018 3 April 2018

Extended Thameslink to East Grinstead (Limited Service) and Rainham (Chatham)
Made Thameslink to Horsham, Peterborough and Cambridge full service
TfL rail takes over Heathrow Connect
TPX runs over Ordsall chord
Straightened Elizabeth line through London to Reading including rearrangement of South West
Swopped GWR/Southern between Reigate and Redhill
Corrected Arundel Junction

TOCs AS v30 Feb 2018 28 Feb 2018

Added Thameslink limited service St Pancras - Peterborough /Cambridge North
Made Thameslink to Orpington full service
Added Robroyston planned, Brent Cross West planned, Cardiff Parkway planned, Okehampton East Parkway proposed
Camp Hill line made unlimited service

TOCs v44 Feb 2018 28 Feb 2018

Thameslink St Pancras - Peterborough / Cambridge added as limited service (including rearrangement of MML, Peterborough, some Fens - Suffolk lines
Thameslink to Horsham / Littlehampton shown as limited service
Thameslink to Orpington added
Ferry moved from Stranraer to Ayr

Derby v4 28 Feb 2018

Added bus symbol to East Midlands Airport link.

Edinburgh v4 28 Feb 2018

Edinburgh Gateway shown open.

Rail map v25 Dec 2016

Changed ferry from Stranraer to Ayr; Made Motherwell-Holytown-Carluke and Morecambe, Corby-Oakham limited service, add Hamsted-Soho line and removed Smethwick

Rail map v26 Jan 2018 anagram

Corrected Galshiels and Middlesbrough

West Midlands Trains v11 26 January 2018

Created new map.

Dublin area rail map 10 January 20th 2018

Phoenix Park line shown.

Dublin area rail map 9 December 2017

Added Luas Green Line tram extension to Broombridge.

TOCs AS v29 Jan 2018

Thameslink to Littlehampton and Horsham limited service added
Corrected stopping patterns Wolverhampton - New Street - Coventry
WMR added to Coventry
Removed Holyhead - Dun Loghaire and Troon - Larne ferries
Alternative route for Thameslink London Bridge (not stopping) - Blackfriars reopened
Watford west curve added limited service
Added Blackpool North station tram branch under construction

TOCs v43 Jan 2018 Jan 2018

Updated with WMR corrected to Coventry, Thameslink added to Littlehampton/Horsham

West Midlands v4, Manchester v8, Liverpool v4 8.12.17

Updated from previous with LM split into LNR and WMR and Coventry-Kenilworth-Leamington WMR serice shown as starting Feb 2018.

TOCs AS v28c Dec 2017 8.12.17

Northern Windermere/Blackpool service added at Wigan/Patricroft
Added Horden Peterlee planned, Reading Green Park planned,
Bow Street planned, Portway Parkway planned
Southern stop at Old Oak Common
Added HS2 link at Lichfield
Corrected all HS2 bridges
Added Elizabeth line to Heathrow terminal 5
Removed SWR Yeovil-Weymouth
Chandler’s Ford apostophe added
Midland Metro Edgbaston extension added to Centenary Square extension and captions changed/added.
Kenilworth shown to open in Feb 2018 on new WMR Coventry-Leamington route
Added planned new platforms at Salford Central
Changed Northern colour
Ordsall Chord Northern service added

TOCs v42f Dec 2017 HS2+CR1 8.12.17

Added Northern to Wigan-Patricroft line
Moved Grantham caption
Softened curves at Falkirk/Larbert
Added Elizabeth line and Farringdon
Removed LT Circle line (made grey connurbation) and Glasgow subway
Removed Bourne End
Added HS2
Ordsall Chord added Northern
Improved Cardiff
Improved Curzon Street readability 45/55% greys
Moved Stratford away from LS, adjust Kent and coastline at Hastings, reduced shadow to 40%
Corrected Rutherglen Junction and closed Glasgow up a bit (affected up to Perth)
Made Motherwell-Holytown-Carluke limited service
Altrincham correct side of Manc Airport
London Midland split into LNR and WMR

Singapore MRT LRT 17 1.11.17

Added Circle line extension, shown Downtown line to Expo open, added out-of-station interchange symbol

TOCs AS v27 August 2017 20.8.17

Hull Trains shown stopping at Cottingham
Beaulieu Park added
Imperial War museum tram stop spelling corrected
SWT becomes SWR
Heathrow Terminal 1 removed
Hall i’ th’ Wood spelling
Manchester United on spur
Manchester Airport by-pass re-added as limited service

TOCs v40 August 2017 20.8.17

Chiltern to Oxford
Removed reversal at Bere Alston & Bourne End & Fort William
Removed ‘limited service’ specs (?)
Improved Worcester, Selby layouts and Liverpool/Weaver junction layouts

Singapore MRT LRT 16 21.6.17

East-West line to Tuas shown open, two stations on Punggol LRT shown open, Punggol Coast extension shown under construction.

TOCs AS v25 May 2017, TOCs AS v26 June 2017 22.5.17

Supertram correction, SWT added to Bedhampton, Cambridge North shown open.

Derby, Manvhester and Leeds NRE detail maps 4.4.17

Updates: 2CC, Low Moor, Ilkeston.

TOCs AS v24 April 2017 30.3.17

Ilkeston and Low Moor shown open.

Metrolink v8 Feb 2017 and Metrolink stripmap v2 17.3.17

Revised colours to 4 in city centre.

Manchester v7 24.2.17

Metrolink 2CX shown open.

TOCs AS v23 Feb 2017 23.2.17

Snow Hill tram changed to St Chads, Metrolink 2CC shown open.

Manchester v6 9.12.16

Trafford Centre extension added.

TOCs v38d Dec 2016 & TOCs AS v22 Dec 2016 Rail map Dec 2016 9.12.16

Updated with Chiltern to Oxford, Added Inverness Airport, Metrolink Trafford Centre extension added, Edinburgh Gateway shown open, Midland Metro interchange to Snow Hill changed to Bull Street

TOCs v37 Oct 2016 12.10.16

Updated TOCs v37 Oct 2016 from v35 : AGA to Greater Anglia, Improvement to CS at Carstairs, Remove reversals at Cromer, Battersby, Fort William and Morecambe, Changed CS colour to secondary colour, Changed TOC name block design

ML1 24.9.16

Updated 3 MainLine One maps with new detail. First reference on this website to these maps.

HS2Y 8.7.16

Modified existing HS2Y map with new South Yorkshire detail (Sheffield) and removed HS1-HS2 link.


Created new 'all stations' map with HS2 and CrossCountry route via Moseley - required extensive redsign of the West Midlands, plus East-West Rail and Barking Riverside extension. TOCs AS v21 Oct 2016


Updated All stations, summary and Manchester maps to remove TPE running through Bolton, also remove First from Hull Trains. Also Kirkstall Forge shown open 20/6/16.

TPX map 3 routes and TPX map 3 6.6.16

Created two maps one single line the other services.

TOCs AS v18 June 2016 and West Midlands v3 6.6.16

Updated previous to show Midland Metro extension to New Street open

TOCs v35 May 2016 and TOCs AS v17 May 2016 14.5.16

Rochdale ‘Railway Station’ caption added to Metrolink
Removed ferry from Weymouth
Added Thameslink stopping at Purley, Coulsdon South, Merstham
Changed TPX colour from pink to cyan
Shown Lea Bridge station open
NET Toton Lane
and Clifton extension stops captioned separately
Enlarged Sheffield Supertram system and captions
Removed Manston Airport
Added summer SWT service Yeovil - Weymouth

Updated 20 Ranger and Rover maps 19.4.16

Changes include:
• Add Tweedbank;
• Add Yeovil curve;
• Add south London line;
• Add TPX Wigan curve;
• Add Cranbrook;
• Add Bermuda Park and Coventry Stadium;
• Add Apperley Bridge and Kirkstall Forge;
• Add Metrolink airport extension;
• Add NET extensions;
• Add Ebbw Vale Town

Derby v2, Edinburgh v3, Glasgow v3, Leeds v3, Liverpool v3, Manchester v4, Newcastle Sunderland v2 18.4.16

Updates include:
•  TPXs name change and colour code;
• Kirkstall Forge shown open;
• Edinburgh Gateway (under construction) added;
• Edinburgh tram - all stops captioned;
• Nottingham Tram extensions added and all stops captioned.

Singapore v15 7.4.16

Shown Downtown line open to Bukit Panjang.White keylines at line crossovers, better spacing around pecked lines. Made east and west loops of Sengkang and Punggol LRT separate circles.

Singapore v14 7.4.16

Added 'East Coast' to Thompson line title.

Metrolink v7 SCX 2.4.16

Modified from v6 with updated tram stop names.

TOCs v34 April 2016 31.3.16

At Dalston, ‘Junction’ deleted
Added bend at Great Malvern to remove inconsistent angle
FTPX Windermere transferred to Northern; withdraws fromBarrow, Morecambe and Blackpool; name change to TPX
Gatwick Express to Brighton

TOCS AS v16 April 2016 31.3.16

Northern line Battersea and Ordsall chord shown under construction
Cambridge North shown under construction
Gatwick Express extended to Brighton
Redhill avoiding line added
VWC / VEC colours altered (darker WC, orangier EC )
Repositioned Queenstown Road
Remodelled Tramlink and balloon loop in Croydon
Adding HS2 phase 1 (invisible background layer)
FTPX Windermere branch transferred to Northern; Barrow, Morecambe, Blackpool removed; FTPX name change to TPX
Edinburgh Gateway (under construction) added and layout changes; tram stops captioned separately numerically; removed airport coach link
Improved coastline colours
Added ‘River Thames’, ‘Tay’ and ‘Barmouth Bridge’ captions.

London Rail v30 27.2.16

Updated v29 with Elizabeth line naming and orthern line extension to Battersea.

Southern v2 11.2.16

Created from TOCs summary map and all stations map.

Manchester 3 1.2.16

Updated from v2 to include Ordsall curve (extracted from latest TOC map).

Leeds Bradford v2 10.1.16

Added Apperley Bridge and Kirkstall Forge.

West Midlands v2 10.1.16

Added Bermuda Park and Coventry Arena.

London Rail v29, London Over-Underground 26 4.1.16

Added new 'zone 2&3'

TOCs AS v13 Dec 2015 18.12.15

Crossrail, Thameslink and Rotherham Tram-Train construction shown
Halton curve and Rotherham loop shown
Additional XC, LM and N limited services shown

Rail map v24 Dec 2015, TOCs v33 Dec 2015, TOCs AS v13 Dec 2015, Rail map 14D Dec 2015 12.12.15

Metrolink Victoria - Exchange Square open; Cranbrook open; New SWT service Salisbury - Westbury - Castle Cary - Yeovil using Yeovil Town - Yeovil Junction link; Virgin EC service changes including new route to Sunderland (limited service); Midland Metro extension to Bull Street. TOC colour changes.

London Rail v28 27.10.15


TOCs v32 Oct 2015, TOCs AS v12 Oct 2015, Rail map v23 Oct 2015 : 26.10.15

Bicester cord open, ScotRail and Northern colour codes changed.

Edinburgh v2, Glasgow v2, Liverpool v2, Manchester 2, South Wales Valleys 6.10.15

Updated with FGW>GWR and Caledonian sleeper detail.

TOCs v31b Sept 2015 & TOCs AS v11b Sept 2015 23.9.15

Changed FGW to GWR.

London Rail v27 17.9.15

Updated v26 with improved Crossrail through Mile End etc.

London Rail v26 14.9.15

Updated TOCs AS v2.5 London 25 with Crossrail shown as under construction.

TOCs AS v11 Sept 2015 3.9.15

Proposed/under construction added: Lea Bridge, Low Moor, Marsh Barton, Haxby, Worcestershire Parkway, Warrington West added;AGA Hackney Downs stop added; NET Toton and Clifton extensions shown open; Borders line shown open

TOCs v31 Sept 2015 3.9.15

Previous updated with Tweedbank opening.

Rail map v22 Sep 2015 3/9/15

Previous updated with Tweedbank opening.

AGA rail map v4 22/8/15

Modified existing 2.9 to show TfL, LO, EMT and XC as separate TOCs, plus other improvements.

London Over/Underground map 25 22/7/15

Updated LU extract v2.5 London 24L with TfL Rail and London Overground in West Anglia and south London.

TOCs AS v2.5 London 25 6/7/15

Updated with latest Overground and London Bridge detail.

TOCs AS v10 July 2015 1/7/15

AGA limited service added Seven Sisters - Cheshunt, AGA limited service via South Tottenham removed, Hackney Downs - Central linked by new footbridge, Newcourt (Exmouth branch) added, Cranbrook (opening 2015) added, Southeastern Nunhead-Shortlands added

TOCs AS v9 May 2015 25/5/15

TfL Rail Liverpool Street to Shenfield, West Anglia to London Overground, Bicester Town changed to Village, Added Ebbw Vale Town and Kenilworth reopenings, Todmorden curve added

TOCs v30 May 2015 25/5/15

TfL Rail Liverpool Street to Shenfield

West Anglia to London Overground

Bicester Town changed to Village

Added Ebbw Vale Town and Kenilworth reopenings

Todmorden curve addedTfL Rail added, LO takes over some West Anglia branches, Todmorden curve added.

TOCs v29 April 2015 & TOCs AS v8.5 April 2015 25/3/15

Added Caledonian sleeper as separate franchise.

Edinburgh v1.5, Glasgow 1.3, Leeds 1.4, Liverpool 1.2, Manchester 2, Newcastle Sunderland 1.2,West Midlands 1.7 3/3/15

Updated with latest TOC colours, Virgin West Coast/East Coast and other detail.

TOCs AS v8 Mar 2015 and TOCs v28 Mar 2015 28/2/15

Changed East Coast to Virgin Trains and West Coast 'Virgin Trains' to 'Virgin Trains West Coast'. Shown Hull Trains new once a day service to Beverley.

TOCs AS v7.9 Jan 2015 6/1/15

Coulsdon Town spelling corrected; No Thameslink LB - BF for 3 years; SE now ‘limited service’ to BF, no services north to KT or WH, service via Catford transferred to Thameslink; Chislehurst - St Mary Cray now shown limited; Thameslink now to Sevenoaks via Peckham Rye / Herne Hill (limited service) and Swanley (and limited service to Orpington); Added Coventry Arena as under construction ; Added Greater Anglia link between Stansted and Audley End; Motherwell - Holytown - Wishaw being reduced from 1tph to 1tpd ; Virgin WC shown running to Blackpool North as limited service; FGW limited service via Eastleigh added

TOCs v27 Jan 2015 6/1/15

Thameslink changes due to 3-year engineering at London Bridge and taking over SE service to Sevenoaks via Catford and Otford; FGW limited service via Eastleigh added

TOCs v26 December 2014 12/12/14

Virgin WC to Shrewsbury and Blackpool, EMT not calling Meadowhall, WC limited Stoke-Stafford, XC limited to Guildford, Camarthen avoiding line limited service added

TOCs AS v7.8 Dec 2014 12/12/14

Virgin WC shown running to Shrewesbury and Blackpool North, Pye Corner shown open, Thameslink via CP shown as full service

Metrolink v6 24/11/14

Updated to reflect current city centre status and Airport extension.

TOCs AS v7.7 Nov 2014

Airport extension shown open.

TOCs v25.5 September 2014, TOCs AS v7.6 Sept 2014 13/9/14

Changed FCC to TL and GN.

TOCs v25.5 June 2014 17/5/14

Edinburgh Tram open.
Brandon, Harling Road, Eccles Road & Attleborough, East Midlands Trains call
Wembley Central London Midland call
Metrolink station name updates: • Haveley -> Martinscroft • Chorlton-cum-Hardy -> Chorlton • Sportcity - Velodrome ->Velopark • Clayton -> Clayton Hall • Cemetery Lane -> Cemetery Road • Queen's Road -> Queens Road • Besses o'th' Barn -> Besses o' th' Barn
• Kingsway -> Kingsway Business Park

TOCs v25.4 May 2014 17/5/14

TPX Liverpool - Victoria via Earsltown.

TOCs AS v7.4 May 2014 17/5/14

TPX Liverpool - Victoria via Earsltown.
Grand Central shown calling at Mirfield and running via Fitzwilliam
Limited SWT service from Bedhampton to Cosham added
Goole to Knottingley now shown as limited service
Ferry connection from Holyhead to Dublin added
No ferries from Fleetwood or Folkstone
Gourock - Kilcreggan ferry shown
Ullapool - Stornoway and Uig - Tarbert/Lochmaddy , Mallaig - Lochboisdale ferries added.
Craignure on Mull location modified
Scotrail sleeper (limited service) added Sighthill East & West junctions
Borders Railway to Tweedbank now shown opening 2015

TOCs AS v7.2 April 2014 7/4/14

Changes to this map:

Coombe Valley Junction renamed Coombe Junction Halt, St Keyne added suffix Wishing Well Halt

Northern removed at Earlstown east curve

Chiltern removed from Small Heath

Limited Southeastern service through from West Dulwich to Elephant and Castle via Loughborough Junction added

Swansea and Camarthen avoiding lines now shown as limited service

FGW avoiding Gloucester removed

XC via Adwick now shown as limited service

Added James Cook

Added Horwich Parkway to TPX stop

Virgin shown as limited service Stoke - Stafford

XC Guildford service now shown as limited service

XC now shown stop at Cupar

FGW removed from Winnersh Triangle and Earley

EMT Grantham avoiding curve now shown as limited service

Limited Chiltern service between Oxford and Banbury now shown calling at the intermediate stations

EMT removed from Meadowhall

Singapore MRT LRT 12 9/3/14

Modified previous with station codes within station circles.

TOCs v25.1 Dec 2013 7/1/14

London Midland fast via Weedon
Removed FGW via Eastleigh
Heysham to limited service

TOCs AS v6.9 Jan 2014 7/1/14

Water Eaton Parkway is now Oxford Parkway
Additional TOC stops:
Lostwithiel, March, Whittlesea (XC), Buckshaw Parkway (TP), Smethwick GB (ATW), Batersea (LO), Watford (SR sleeper )
TOCs not stopping, removed: Dalwhinnie (GR), Gipsy Hill, West Norwood, Purley, Coulsdon South, Merstham (FC)
Morecambe to Heysham Port is one train per day
Barnehurst to Slade Green is 2 trains an hour for most of the day
LM fast via Weedon and Dorridge - Stratford unlimited
Removed FGW via Eastleigh
Metrolink Woodlands Road becomes Queen’s Road
Added Stockport - Guide Bridge - Stalybridge
Removed Manc Airport avoiding line
Energlyn & Churchill Park opens

TOCs v25 Dec 2013 and TOCs AS v6.8 Dec 2013 and Rail map v21.4 Dec 2013

TPX via Wigan, other improvements. Change to design of Rail map v21.4 Dec 2013.

Singapore MRT LRT 11 27/11/13

Spelling corrections, Downtown line opening.

Manchester 31 and 1.8 7/10/13

Added Ashton extension.

TOCs AS v6.7 October 2013 7/10/13

Metrolink to Ashton-under-Lyne shown open.

Railteam v11 4/10/13

Updated with additional routes from v10.

Athens rail map v1.3 3/10/13

Updated with extensions to line 2.

Singapore MRT & LRT 13/9/13

Modified to v10 with station codes and other improvements.

TOCs AS v6.6 September 2013 6/9/13

Dalesrail now Sundays year round; FGW shown as limited service via Eastleigh; EMT routes via Stamford corrected.

Singapore MRT & LRT 15/8/13

Created metro map.

Ireland 15 AS inset areas 4/7/13

Oranmore station opened.

Ireland 14 AS inset areas and Dublin area rail map 8 3/7/13

Hansfield station opened.

EMT v2.7 7/7/13

New version with colour coded service groups.

Manchester Salford 2.5 12/6/13

Updated to add Metrolink extension to East Didsbury and remove Moseley Street.

Manchester 30 29/5/13

Updated to add Metrolink extension to East Didsbury.

Manchester 1.6 29/5/13

Updated to add Metrolink extension to East Didsbury.

TOCs AS v6.5 May 2013 24/5/13

Metrolink to East Didsbury open.

TOCs AS v5.5c 2018 15/5/13

Updated TOCs AS v5.4d 2018 with Northern Hub. Metrolink 2CX

TOCs AS v5.4d 2018 2/5/13

Added Stratford Parkway and East West rail.

Edinburgh v1.4 29/4/13

Ferry removed.

West Midlands 1.6 29/4/13

Stratford-upon-Avon Parkway added.

TOCs AS v6.5 May 2013 29/4/13

Stratford-upon-Avon Parkway added.

TOCs AS v6.4 Apr 2013 21/4/13

Modified NET tram to run on west side of RHL from Bulwell; removed Peartree from XC.

TOCs AS v5.5 2018

Added East-West rail under Chiltern, removed Southern Peckham Rye - Victoria.

TOCs AS v2.8g 2018 and London Rail 2018 5/4/13

Added Registered design number.

Manchester 29 23/3/13

Modified previous version with Droylsden and Rochdale Metrolink extensions open, Metrolink changed to yellow and improvements around Cheadle Hulme.

HS2Y Mar 13/3/13

Created new HS2 Y map.

TOCs AS v6.3 Mar 2013 6/3/13

Metrolink to Droylesden and Rochdale; Conon Bridge station.

Blue route AS map v22, Blue route AS+Metro map v23, Rail map v34 curvy blue, Rail map v34 GBR21, TOCs AS v50 Dec 2021, TOCs v55 Dec 2021 - December 2021 timetable change - updates vary by map

Soham shown open
New LNER Middlesborough limited service
TPX additional calls at Dunbar, Widdrington, Cramlington
XC from Guildford to Reading removed
Okehampton shown open
SWR Westbury - Bristol, Yeovil - Dorchester and Corfe Castle Swanage Railway removed
Birmingham to Rugeley LNR service
Added 'bus link to Heathrow Airport' symbol to Guildford
Pye Corner - Newport opening
Made East West rail, Leven branch and Ashington branch reopenings consistent.
Added Reston under construction
New backgrounds
Blue curvy map only: removed HS2E and replaced with Birmingham - East Midlands Parkway line (Integrated rail Plan)

Singapore MRT LRT 22 8/12 21

With Cross Island line extensions to Gul Circle, CR1 and Punggol; Thomson East Coast line extension to TE32.

High Speed map v10 (v33) 20/11/21

Updated previous version with new Government Integrated Rail Plan detail.

TOCS AS v49 and TOCs v54 Oct 2021 tctp 20/10/21

Added Ashington reopening
Added Reston under construction
Removed EMR limited service Swinton - Doncaster - Fitzwilliam / York - Scarborough
Added Lumo and adjusted blues
TPX changed from Heald Green to Gatley
Moved Newhaven Ferry Port nearer Town station
East-West Rail western section now shown ‘under construction’
Made d lower case in Cobham & Stoke d’Abernon and added brackets to Farnborough (Main)

Blue route AS+Metro map v22 16/10/21

NLE shown open.

London Over-Underground-CR v29 29/9/21

NLE shown open.

TOCs AS v48b Sept 2021 22/9/21

Modified v48 with NLE shown open.

West Midlands v12 25/6/21

Added BEE metro extension and Camp Hill line stations.

Rail map v33c curvy blue 17 June 2021

Corrected Hurst Green and Horbury Junction locations.

TOCs v53 May 2021 and TOCs AS v48 May 2021 24 May 2021

Barton-on-Humber branch service transfers to EMR

Oakhampton branch shown as no service during reconstruction, Sampford Courtenay station removed

West Midlands Metro Birmingham Eastside Extension shown under construction

Rail v38 19 May 2021

Made Kennington zones 1&2, showed Battersea Power Station station branch open.

NR (v33) Routes map v5 29 March 2021

Added Wiorcester to Central Route

ScotRail Central Region 10 22 March 2021

Updated from v8/9 with new stations and improved junctions at Cathcart, Rutherglen, Newton and Motherwell.

TOCs AS v47 Feb 2021 18 Feb 2021

Showed Bow Street as open
Added Soham under construction
Added Leven branch rebuilding

NR regions rail map v27Rg 17 Feb 2021

Added missing Bletchley - Bedford, corrected boundary Crewe - Shrewesbury.

Blue route AS+Metro map v20 and Blue route AS map v20 18 December 2020

Updated from v19

TOCs AS v46 Dec 2020 18 December 2020

Added Mirfield to TPE
Station Drive changed to Dudley Castle on Midland Metro
Added TPE limited service N/W at Golborne Junction
Removed Dalmaly loop
Rearranged Kilburn and Willesden Green captions
Kintore shown open
Replaced missing St Germans caption
Opened out west end of Edinburgh tram
Bow Street under construction added

Singapore MRT LRT 21 14 November 2020

Opened Thomson-North East line to Caldicott.

Rail map v31 GBR curvy and Rail map v30c curvy 5 October 2010

Revised Worcester-Hereford and Birmingham-Walsall-Rugeley geometry

NR station symbols 3 September 2020

Added Bristol and Reading including drawing from photographs

Replaced Rail maps v30 & v31 17 August 2020

Corrected spelling for Leamington Spa.

TOCs AS v45 August 2020 8.8.2020

Added WMM tram Brierley Hill extension
Added Edinburgh tram Newhaven extension under construction
Removed LNR Perry Bar - New Street via Aston
Added phase numbers to HS2 and made phase 1 ‘under construction’

London Over-Underground-CR v28 5.8.20

Changed Stratford Market to High Street.

Rail map v31 GBR curvy 23.7.2020

New retro version.
• Changed angle from Glasgow Queen Street to Lenzie to 45º.

TOCs AS v44 July 2020 11.7.2020

• Horden station shown open
• Made LNER Bradford full service
• Removed West Ealing from GWR Reading line
• Manchester United Stadium station made ‘currently closed’ and limited service
• Added limited service to Pilning
• Added Paragon to Hull
• Added ferry from Troon to Larne
• Made SE from Ore limited service
• Corrected Honiton position and Perranwell spelling
• Updated Hull - Humberside Airport - Grimsby airport coach service

Ireland 16b AS inset areas 2 July 2020

New 'coach to airport' symbol.

Ireland 16 AS inset areas 1 August 2020

Remake of Dublin inset with Phoenix Park line and Luas green extension to Broombridge

Added Cork Commuter

Added Portrush line

Ferry moved from Dun Laoghaire

Changed Operator/line name graphic

Improved soft shadowAdded Pelletstown (under construction)

Station name updates : Belfast Central becomes Lanyon Place; removed brackets from Leixlip stations; Park West & Cherry Orchard; Clondalkin & Fonthill; St Stephen’s Green (apostrophe added)

Rail map v30 curvy y 16 March 2020

New curvy version with geographically correct orientatrion at junctions. HS2 phase 2b added. New coastline with rounded corners and background abstract.

Blue route AS+Metro map v18 17 March 2020

• Revised Cardiff with Ninian Park south of GWML
• Revised Cathcart Circle with correct junctions
• Made Glasgow Queen Street and Central and Liverpool Lime Street double stations
• Metrolink Trafford Centre extension shown open

NR regions rail map v27Rf 25 March 2020

Moved Hereford into Wales area.

TOCs AS v43 17 March 2020

• Metrolink Trafford Centre extension shown open
• GWR no longer calling at Hanwell and Acton Main Line
• Added Carstairs stop to TPX
• Revised Cardiff with Ninian Park south of GWML
• Revised Cathcart Circle with correct junctions
• British Steel Redcar shown as ‘currently closed’

Metrolink v9 Mar 2020
Added Intu Trafford Centre extension and new interchange symbols.

All Line Rover; Central Scotland Rover; Cheshire Day Ranger; Coast and Peaks;
Freedom of North West; Spirit of Scotland,
Ffestiniog Circular and Freedom of North West 11 March 2020

Added Robroyston, Warrington West, Worcestershire Parkway and Halton chord to:

Leeds Bradford, Manchester, Liverpool Merseyside, Edinburgh, Cardiff,
Newcastle Sunderland, Birmingham West Midlands, Glasgow Strathclyde,
Derby regional / area maps - 12 December 2019

Updated with new Avanti West Coast, TfW, station detail and West Midlands Metro extension to Library


Singapore MRT LRT 20 - 12 December 2019

Thomson-East Coast line top three stations shown open.

London Over-Under-CR v28 - 5th December 2019

TfL Rail extended to Reading

London Rail v37 - 5 December 2019

Darkened airport services to black, made TfL Rail to Reading open, removed Cheshunt from Stansted Express

TOCs AS v42 December 2019; TOCs v52 December 2019; Blue route AS map and Blue route AS+Metro maps; Rail map 21D December 2019; Rail map v31 December 2019 -
5 December 2019

As appropriate:
• TfL takes over local services Paddington - Reading
• TPX now full service Liverpool - Glasgow and Newcastle - Edinburgh and extended from Middlesbrough to Redcar
• Worcestershire Parkway, Robroyston and Warrington West shown open
• LNER Lincoln and Harrogate services now full service
• Thameslink cut back from Cambridge North to Cambridge
• Made Northern Morpeth-Chathill limited service
• Removed HS2 - Tamworth link and LNR Stone - Colwich
• Made Bangor not interchange
• West Midlands Metro extension to Library

GB route map diary curvy v10L 4 November 2019

Redesigned A5 size diary route map. Now with nodal stations replaced with geographically correct entry/exits and improved round-cornered coast with better Wales and Cornwall shapes.

London Over-Underground-CR v27 26 September 2019

Modified with Crossrail (Elizabeth line) plus many other simplifications and improvements.

NR regions rail map v27Re

Updated with from v27d with latest names and WCML south including Northampton loop.

TOCs AS v41 September 2019 15 September 2019

• Edinburgh tram stop West End - Princes Street renamed West End
• Changed Barking Riverside extension and Warrington West to ‘under construction’
• Added GWR Bishops Lydeard service
• Reviewed ferries and moved ferry from interchange to route
• Added Hovertravel Southsea - Ryde and Mersey Seacombe - Pier Head
• Revised feries from Poole, Weymouth, Plymouth, Birkenhead, Heysham, Harwich, Ramsgate
• Revised layout Southampton - Romsey giving more space around Frome and Bath

Leeds v6, Liverpool v9, Manchester v11, Derby v5

• East Midlands Railway replaces EMT with new plum colour
• Revised Golborne Junction with Northern Wigan - Earlstown service
• Lightened XC colour between ‘nose’ colour and CorpID colour and changed Northern colour to beige/orange as in train colour detail

TOCs v51 August 2019, TOCs AS v40 August 2019 and Rail map 19D August 201915/8/19

• East Midlands Railway replaces EMT with new plum colour
• Revised Golborne Junction with Northern Wigan - Earlstown service
• Lightened XC colour between ‘nose’ colour and CorpID colour and changed Northern colour to beige/orange as in train colour detail
• Diary map: Made Windermere Northern, added GC to Bradford corrected Spalding to Sleaford

HS2+NPR 8 (v27) 18/7/19

Added possible NPR route, made HS2 route to Macclesfiled and Stoke via Stafford.

Rail map 18D June 2019 13/6/19

Big remake of v16 including curves, bridges and stations. Added Macclesfield, Burton and Tilbury, TfL Rail and more.

TOCs AS v39 June 2019 6/6/19 and 12/6/19

Meridian Water shown open (Angel Road removed)
CrossCountry removed from Bromsgrove
SE limited service Gravesend to Rochester (subsequently reverted)
GN limited service Watton-at-Stone to Stevenage
Manningtree north to east curve made limited service
Corrected bridge at Runcorn
Hedge End and Botley made limited stops on GWR

Rail map v27g May 2019

Added Halton curve.

Rail map v27b May 2019 29/4/19

Corrected Epsom / Sutton
Changed Sherborne to Gillingham
Added Bordesly-Grand Junction link
Added Smethwick
Added Camborne
Added Halton curve

TOCs AS v38 May 2019

New layout at Blackfriars
Added LNR Rugeley - Euston via Soho and Aston
Added SWR Basingstoke - Reading limited service
Halton Curve made fully open with TfW route to Lime Street
TPX: New service from Liverpool Lime Street to Wigan (currently limited service), reinstated Bolton route, Golborne route now limited service
Added ferry to East Cowes
Changed Worcestershire Parkway to ‘under construction’
New Northern service to Chester from Manchester Vic and new daily service to Gainsborough Central
Corrected bridge at Runcorn

TOCs v50 May 25/3/2019

Added Camborne
LNWR Walsall (and Rugeley) - Euston via Soho and Aston
SWR Basingstoke - Reading from May limited service
Halton Curve added with TfW route to Lime Street
Added Liverpool - Wigan TPX limited service (full service in autumn) and Bolton route
New Northern service to Chester from Manchester Vic
and new daily service to Gainsborough Central

Singapore MRT LRT map v19 x 3 9 May 2019

Changed 2 Sentosa Express station names, corredcted Sengkang and Panggol station code positions, other minor detail

Singapore MRT LRT map v19

Added Cross Island line, Founders' Memorial and Hove stations, new layout for Sengkang and Punggol LRTs, removed Ten Mile Junction LRT branch

London Over-Underground 26c 15 December 2018

Corrected Severn Sisters typo

LondonRail v36 12 December 2018

Altered Chiltern Paddington service to West Ealing; revised layout at Blackfriars to show station on both sides of Thames; Zone 8 added to Swanley

Rail map 16D May 2018 8 December 2018

Changed ATW to TfW, LNW to WMT

TOCs AS v37 Dec 2018 9 December 2018

Made IBM station currently closed, added Wedgwood and Barlaston (served by bus); Chiltern limited service to Paddington diverted to West Ealing

ATW > Transport for Wales TOC change 10 October 2018

TOCs AS v36 Oct 2018 (plus made Robroyston under construction from planned and Sheffield Supertram extension to Rotherham Parkgate shown open v36b), TOCs v49c Oct 2018 (and LNER Stirling-Edinburgh made limited service), Regional: Liverpool v7, Manchester v10, West Midlands with Camp Hill v8b, South Wales v3

London Rail v35 29 September 2018

Updated with c2c weekend service from Barking to Liverpool Street via Stratford, plus all associated changes to accomodate. Changed all angled descriptions to horizontal and Crossrail colour.

TOCs AS v35 Sept 2018 2 September 2018

Made WMR Birmingham International - Coventry and LNER Sterling - Edinburgh limited service
L&M-WCML link at Wigan remodelled
Added bridges on NE London Overground
New layout at Smethwick
Added ‘Meridian Water’ to Angel Road
Added proposed Camp Hill line stations
Added c2c to Liverpool Street via Stratford. Required extensive alterations to North London line, Goblin, HS1, c2c, Greater Anglia to Colchester, King’s Cross & Moorgate lines, Central line, District line and Hammersmith & City line and Thames coastline
Other tidying up and improvements

West Midlands v7b Camp Hill 23 August 2018

Made WNMR limited service International - Coventry; moved WMR Kenilworth line to segregate at Coventry; updated tram name and colour; Stourbridge Town branch segregated; added Camp Hill line proposed stations.

TOCs AS v34 August 2018 22 August 2018

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