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New schematic maps of the




Network outline

This is a large poster sized-map that tries to include all stations. Even at this size the station captions are in a very small condensed almost unreadable point size.

A full design audit has not been conducted, but here are a few errors that have been noticed straight away.

Shows line between Glasgow Central and Queen Street, Cathcart Circle all wrong;

No Wigan North Western and Lostock shown serving the Wigan line;

Liverpool loop shown wrong, enlarged 'Central' caption and Bidston/Birkenhead North transposed;

Rylestone route is freight not preserved;

No Rose Hill branch;

Non-existent tunnel shown between Stone and Rugeley (these are also inconsistently shown, if, indeed the gaps are tunnels);

Coventry all wrong;

No reversal at Cromer;

Hastings line all over the place.

The overall implementation is poor, for example:

Unnecessary abbreviations (eg Lea Grn), badly positioned station names (eg Yeovil Pen Mill) and unnecessary word breaks (eg Harrow & Weald-stone);

Numerous missing, rogue and miss-aligned station blobs;

Ludicrous green code used to show non-Network Rail lines under construction.

Enlarging conurbations elsewhere makes following lines difficult and leaves 'holes' in the map.

I don't know who Maidenhead Cartographic Services are, but in my book a misspelling in the Railway Forum text and a missing word space in the legal copy are sackable offenses!

Commissioned by The Railway Forum and ATOC, I'm just really not sure about the concept, who would find this information of use? A highly detailed rail map with constituency political parties?

Such a shame this map is such a poor piece of cartography.

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