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Network outline   Network outline
London Northwestern Railway train / rail map West Midlands Railway train / rail map

West Midlands Trains new WMR map is a big improvement on the previous map below. But trying to show services as well as routes is problematic. For example Walsall trains often run to Wolverhampton from New Street not shown on this map. London Northwestern Railway is written as London North Western Railway in the key.

West Midlands Trains new London Northwestern map is a big improvement on the previous map below. They've restored the natural tilt of the Euston main line. Slight shame in the angled captions, it should have been possible to keep these horizontal. And perhaps the stations on the Northampton and Stoke-on-Trent loops could have been better positioned geography wise.

Network outline   Network outline
West Midlands Railway & London Northwestern Railway train / rail map West Midlands Railway & London Northwestern Railway train / rail map

Shows non-existent reversal at Stoke. Doesn't show the city of Wolverhampton. Uses different design (and interchanges) to the map inide the timetable (see map  right).

Modified to show the Kenilworth route as open. This map has also removed services by other operators outside the area. The Rugby caption is a bit far from its station indicator.

Network outline   Network outline   Network outline
London Northwestern Railway train / rail map West Midlands Railway train / rail map West Midlands Railway & London Northwestern Railway train / rail map
London_Midland_route_map London Midland rail / train map

The previous map, shown left, showed the purpose of the London and North Western route - with a straight line between London and Crewe on a north-west trajectory. Inevitably distortion was required to enlarge the complex West Midlands network to a readable size, condensing the long main line from Euston. But it summed up the franchises routes.

All this has been lost in the new map, in the process losing its individuality and personality. Although the rest of the corporate identity looks very professional, the maps look like they've been designed by someone who hasn't designed one before (or perhaps travelled by train on these routes) showing a lack of understanding of the importance of consistent presentation, an inefficient use of space and an absence of elegance. Map design is a specialist skill that isn't instantly in the graphic designers portfolio.

Perhaps it doesn't matter as these maps are of no use as journey planners but are a statement of the operators patch that shows how the operator is different to others. You'd think it would be a very important and essential component of the opertors corporate identity. What a shame.


• Claverdon, Bearley, Hatton, Warwick Parkway and Warwick station captions are in a shade of grey. These are not limited service as suggested in the key.

• Captions on 45º angled lines are too far away from station circle, for example Dudley Port

• Birmingham main stations shown far apart without indication of interchange or centre of a major connurbation

• Moor Street - Snow Hill line should go over New Street line and shouldn't pass over Aston line which diverges further east

• Stourbridge line should go over Stour Valley line at Smethwick not under

• Differing services identified by multiple station circles at, for example, Stourbridge and Bletchley but not Coventry or Leamington

• What is the significance of Cross Country joining WMR as opposed to LNR (by Water Orton)?

• Very fine, almost invisible white keyline 'bridges'

• Tyseley to the right compared with all other cations on this line which are to the left

• Unnecessary crossover between green  LNR and blue WMR between New Street and Adderley Park


• In the key, the symbol for interchange shows two circles with an interconnector. There is no interconnector symbol at Bletchley, Stourbridge Junction or Watford Junction

• Uses TfL LU map system to show step-free access - the disabled symbol overlays the station symbol making it unclear if it is an interchange or not. For example Dudley Port is shown as an interchange whereas Smethwick Galton Bridge isn't, which it is

• Hampton-in-Arden is shown as an interchange station, but trains run on the same tracks stopping at more-or-less the same stations on this line

• It looks like future Kenilworth services run from New Street, although it's thought that they'll abe n extension of Nuneaton services or a shuttle

• The interchange at Nuneaton is shown with all lines radiating from one station circle, differently to, for example, Lichfield

• Connector at Rugeley shown at 45º could be vertical

• The LNR map doesn't show Cross Country intercamge to Leamington and the South


• Lines which are fairly straight on the ground are shown with unnecessary or exagerated bends:
between Wolverhampton and Penkridge;
between Lapworth and Hatton;
by Perry Barr:

• An unnecessary long way round Moor Street to Smethwick looping too far north

• The LNR

Buses and trams

• Tram services don't operate from Wolverhampton but from St George's some way away

• Stone station is some way from the rail replacement bus stop in Granville Square

• WMR map has reduced font size for 'Check local publicity for tram details'

• The WMR map shows the bus from Norton Bridge, is this necessary on a route WMR doesn't serve?

Inconsistent connecting lines

• No connecting lines shown at Liverpool South Parkway, Lime Street or Willesden (for Southern)

• No reference to Shrewsbury - Crewe connection

• Shows Manchester connection incorrectly at Stoke rather than Kidsgrove

• Shows Preston connection incorrectly at Crewe rather than Acton Bridge

•Shows Holyhead connection at Crewe going strangely south west

No indication of route direction at certain junctions

• Claverdon, Coventry, Rugby, Crewe, Stafford

Network outline
West Midlands Trains rail / train map
Network outline
WMT leaflet mapLondon Midland rail / train map

• Incorporates Camp Hill line

• Shows stations without level access - fewer than those with wheelchair access

• Doesn't show connecting line destinations as still considering a solution

A slightly different version to fit into a square by the looks of it, with some orange lettering.

Network outline   Network outline
WMT leaflet mapLondon Midland rail / train map WMT leaflet mapLondon Midland rail / train map

Square version.

Network outline   Network outline
WMT DfT map rail / train map 750px-London_Midland_Rail_Network_Sagredo


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